2 Easy Steps to Enable Virtual Touchpad In Windows 10

Virtual Touchpad is one of the newest features present in Windows 10 Creators Update. Yes, this feature serves as a replacement for the physical touchpad on a Windows-based laptop 10. This virtual touchpad can be used when using apps that are not optimized for touch screen devices

Enable Virtual Touchpad In Windows 10

The option to activate the Windows 10 virtual trackpad is just below the option that enables the virtual keyboard. Right-click the taskbar in Windows 10 and click Show the touchpad button. Relevant buttons will appear in the notification area. You can click the virtual touchpad button to enable or feature.

The virtual touchpad looks and works in the same way as a regular physics touchpad. There are two buttons below that serve as the left and right click buttons.

Ordinary Touchpad like pinch to zoom, scroll two fingers, and so on, virtual touchpad also supports all movements. Touchpad offered by Microsoft for a physical touchpad.

You can go to Settings> Devices> Touchpad to manage options and customizations for the virtual touchpad in Windows 10.

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