6 Apps To Follow The World Cup 2018 Action

Michael Grothaus

14/06/2018 – 4:22pm

Keep up with the biggest football match in the world right on your phone!

The 2018 World Cup kicks off today in Russia and runs until July 15. During that time we’ll see 32 teams battle it out in the tournament that will determine who is the best in the world. If you’re on the millions who would love to jet over to Russia to catch the games but can’t there’s at least some good news: there are plenty of apps that make following the World Cup easy no matter where you are. We’ve scoured the app stores and chosen the six best ones.
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (free)

This third-party app has a great interface that lets you get to the information you want to know quickly. The app offers a calendar of all the matches adjusted to your local time; ert_main_wide_image/public/2018/06/bbc_sport.jpg?itok=9I0JptAa” alt=”” />

BBC Sport is hands down one of the best all-around sporting apps in the App Store. For the World Cup, the BBC has created a dedicated tournament section that has some pretty cool features. The app will provide live match coverage for the matches BBC has the rights to show (about 32 in total) and will offer recaps of every match when they are over. Of course, the app will also provide live text commentary and have plenty of clips and photos to show you. Another nice feature is push notifications, so you can be notified every time your team scores a goal.
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ITV Hub (free)

This is ESPN’s official app. It’s got an awesome number of features. If you’re in the US, doing this will allow you to access video highlights, but those of us on this side of the pond are out of luck. Still, the app does provide a ton of nice features. I love the chronological layout of the match schedules and ESPN always has some of the best commentators around, which this app lets you easily follow.
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EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Companion (free)

If you’re sick of just reading about the World Cup or following along with on your phone, the FIFA 18 game by EA Sports might just give you the release you need. The game is officially licensed with national teams and kits. It’s a crazily addictive game thanks to good touch controls and fluid camera movements. But best of all is the little details like the authentic stadiums users can play in. Though the app is free, it’s got a ton of in-app purchases, however, so be warned.
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