Aaron Rodgers’ impression of Jim from ‘The Office’ has been approved by John Krasinski

It’s so good!
Aaron Rodgers has an incredible impression of Jim from The Office.

We spent most of our Human Interest# story shoot watching drop Jim from The Office glances.
— Kenny Mayne (@Kenny_Mayne)

The dejected dead stare is tougher to pull off in practice than you might think, but the Packers quarterback has absolutely nailed it. One person has innate knowledge of the skill it takes: John Krasinski, who played Jim.

Ha! Nice try not even close! I mean just look at the way your smile doesn’t even—or the fact that your eyes aren’t—oh my god… he’s nailing it. https://t.co/WU9la26lhb
— John Krasinski (@johnkrasinski)

Honestly, I’d watch a version of The Office populated by NFL players with Rodgers in the Jim role.

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