Alabama’s star safety missed the title-winning TD because he was ‘going to the bathroom’

Everyone’s been there at one time or another, literally.
Star Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick didn’t see it live when Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw the 41-yard touchdown pass that beat Georgia to win college football’s national championship. Why? The bathroom.
He told ESPN Radio, via

“I was going to the bathroom on the sideline (in a porta potty),” Fitzpatrick told ESPN Radio’s “Golic and Wingo. “I could tell which side was the Alabama side. Alabama’s side was the left of our team and Georgia was to the right of the team. The left side started cheering I knew it was us and we got the first down or we scored a touchdown. It was the right side, it was Georgia and I would have to go out on the field and go back on defense. That’s how I knew what was going on.”

College football teams now set up small cities, more or less, on their sidelines during games. There’s all the food anyone could need, as well as portable toilets and throw-’em-up injury tents where players can have their ailments treated in private without needing to waste time running to the training room.
Fitzpatrick’s defense had just forced a Georgia field goal on the first possession of overtime. If Alabama had wound up kicking and making a field goal of its own, Fitzpatrick would’ve had to go back onto the field. And you just don’t play overtime in the National Championship with waste kicking around your insides.
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