What is Surface Laptop 2 battery life like?

Best answer: The battery life isn’t only significantly better than the first Surface Laptop, but the Surface Pro 6, too.
Microsoft: Surface Laptop 2 ($999)

Significant improvement on the previous model
During the course of our Surface Laptop 2 review battery life was one of the key metrics we benchmarked. Using the PC Mark 8 Home Battery test, the Intel Core i5 Surface Laptop 2 came away with a score of six hours and 20 minutes.
The Core i5 2017 model Surface Laptop, by comparison, scored only five hours and seven minutes. Not only is the Surface Laptop 2 better, it’s significantly better. You can expect at least a full extra hour of use from the Surface Laptop 2 over its predecessor.
It doesn’t run any cooler than the original Surface Laptop, but the fan noise is fairly low, and when you consider that the Surface Laptop 2 has made the jump to a quad-core processor, it makes the results all the more pleasing.
Surface Laptop 2 handily beats Surface Pro 6
Not only is the Surface Laptop 2 a significant improvement on its predecessor, but it’s also much stronger in the battery department than the Surface Pro 6.
At five hours and 25 minutes from the same PC Mark 8 test, the Surface Pro 6 outperforms the first Surface Laptop, but falls a long way short of the Surface Laptop 2.
If battery life is a key factor, the Surface Laptop 2 has the edge, and when you consider the pricing of a Surface Pro 6 with a Type Cover, the Surface Laptop 2 looks even more attractive.

Don’t be alarmed by the benchmark
It’s easy to look at the figures above and be a little alarmed. But you shouldn’t be. The PC Mark test is designed to leverage both the CPU and GPU, and so it will always come out lower than you’d expect to see in day to day life.
Indeed, more regular computing, such as web browsing, media consumption, and work inside apps like Microsoft Office will yield a much stronger battery life. Microsoft’s claims of 14.5 hours might be a stretch, but in everyday use, you can easily expect 8-10 hours from it.

Much improved

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Google Pixel 3 XL hands-on review

GOOGLE HAS DONE AN APPLE with its Pixel 3 XL by essentially taking the Pixel 2 XL, tweaking it a bit, and shoving a notch on top of the display.
All this might seem a bit ‘meh’ to Android phone fans, but we got our grubby mitts on the Pixel 3 XL to give it a quick whirl to see if it’s worth your attention.
Design and displayGoogle has clearly decided it’s onto a good thing with its Pixel design, so it hasn’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater with the new, larger Pixel phone.
The two-tone rear remains intact but this time eschews the textured back of its predecessor for glossy or matt glass finishes in a selection of three colours: Just Black, Not Pink (er, pink) and Clearly White.

Around the front, the display has been upped from 6in on the Pixel 2 XL to 6.3in on the new XL handset. But the phone still has the same footprint of its predecessor; that’s because it has pushed the display right up to the top edge of the chassis and has opted to use a notch to house cameras and the handset’s earpiece.
Expectedly, there’s no 3.5mm jack as was the case with the previous Pixels, so you’ll either need to opt for wireless headphones or adopt the dongle life.
With a 1440×2960 OLED panel, the Pixel 3 XL’s display looks rather pleasant, with none of the odd colour shifts or muted shades that blighted the pOLED screen of the Pixel 2 XL.

We’d need to spend more time the handset to see if the display is up to scratch but photos, websites, and other content looked nice and clear on the screen, and the extra nugget of display real estate was appreciated.
What wasn’t appreciated was the chunky notch. We’re getting used to display notches by now, but by all the gods of tech, the Pixel 3 XL’s notch is not a pleasant thing to behold.

While some notches, like that found on the OnePlus 6, are small enough to not be intrusive, the shape and depth of the Pixel 3 XL’s notch is the opposite. We couldn’t help but feel our eyes drawn to it. That’s probably because it’s holding a pair of cameras but we don’t feel it has been as well implemented as some other notches.
Still, if we had longer with the phone we may be able to get used to it, and overall the display is nice enough, at first glance at least, to warrant the inclusion of the notch.
And despite the larger display, the Pixel 3 XL doesn’t feel too big in the hand though it isn’t exactly small either. A slightly more rounded design and the smooth back makes it feel more comfortable to hold, though it feels a bit more slippery than its predecessor.
The front-firing speakers, which were one of the Pixel 2 XL’s better features, remain intact in the Pixel 3 XL but we couldn’t really test the speakers in the new model as a load of chittering media types and other folks in the room make it difficult to hear ourselves think let alone get any aural pleasure from the phone.
PerformanceOut of the box the Pixel 3 XL – surprise, surprise – comes running Android 9 Pie, with the Pixel Launcher interface popped on top.
Much like the last-gen Pixels, the new phone cuts through Android like a lightsaber through warmed butter, all thanks to a lack of bloatware and Google’s optimisation.

The Pixel 3 XL uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, which is a suitable flagship chip for a flagship phone, and 4GB of RAM, which gives the handset more than enough grunt to power through all manner of Android tasks.
The chipset could age quite quickly given Qualcomm is likely due to reveal a new flagship SoC at some point in early 2019, but the Snapdragon 845 should keep ticking along for a good few years all the same.
Storage weighs in at 128GB, which is a healthy amount for a phone, particularly when Google offers a mass of free cloud storage as well.
CameraBoth Pixel 3 models feature a single lens rear camera rather than opting for a dual-camera array. That’s because the Pixel 3 makes use of Google’s AI tech that once again snaps multiple pics at the press of the camera button, crunches some data, and combines the best bits of the snapped photos to present users with the best shot.

The Pixel 2 had one of the best smartphone cameras around, and unsurprisingly, from our quick fiddle with it, the camera delivers impressive results. We’ll have to reserve proper judgment until our full review, but once again it looks like Google is leaning heavily on its smart tech rather than multiple lenses and other occasionally over-the-top lens hardware.
Round the front, there are now two front-facing cameras that can capture more people in selfie shots if your the type of narcissist that has equally vain friends who want to document their hollow lives and post that s**t on Instagram – OK, maybe we’re a bit jealous as we’re not a photogenic bunch.
The dual front snappers do put in some decent results so we can’t throw too much shade at Google for popping them into the Pixel 3 XL’s notch. There’s also a suite of camera modes like automatically capturing a photo when you make a funny face or change the depth of field in Portrait mode.
All in all the camera setup looks to be yet another hit for the Pixel 3 XL.
First impressionsThanks to all the leaks, which to Google’s credit it acknowledged in its presentation, the Pixel 3 XL gave us no surprises.
But it’s shaping up to be a decent flagship phone that will present Android in its best guise; with a price tag of £869, it needs to do that.

While pre-orders are live now, we’d suggest you wait for our full review as we’re not sold on the Pixel 3 XL’s notch, and with such strong Android competition in the form of the OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9, some careful thought is needed before you spaff cold hard cash on any flagship Android phone. µ

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How to use WhatsApp on Wear OS

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on Earth, boasting 1.5 billion users and a whopping 60 billion messages sent a day. There’s a good chance your messages are a part of that.

If you’ve got yourself a Wear OS smartwatch, you might be wondering how you can get your chat on with your loved ones from your wrist – especially if you’ve got one with some standalone LTE power.

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I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no official WhatsApp app available for Wear OS. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because there still is a way to use WhatsApp with your Wear OS device. Let’s get to it.

What you can do right now

Wear OS is pretty big on notifications, so it’s no surprise that WhatsApp notifications work perfectly well on Wear OS. All of your messages will come right through, sitting pretty in your notifications tray.

You’ll also get to reply to your WhatsApp messages right from your wrist. You’ll be able to pull up Wear OS’s dictation feature or wrist-based keyboard to do so.

There is, unfortunately, a bit of a catch. You can only do so if you’ve got an Android phone. If you’re an iPhone user, you’re not going to be able to reply to any message notifications on Wear OS.

It’s worth noting that some Android WhatsApp users have complained that they weren’t able to reply to notifications on WhatsApp. It appears that when trying to reply, the keyboard or speak-to-type feature don’t pop up.

Other users have also complained about not receiving notifications in the first place. Other users have complained about receiving notifications, but not being able to reply to them.

It’s unclear whether this is a bug within Wear OS or something WhatsApp needs to address. Seeing as this issue has been in Google’s forums for the past couple of months, it’s unclear when it could be fixed.

Third-party solutions

While there isn’t an official WhatsApp app, there are some enterprising third-party developers who have tried to step in to fill the gap. If you head to the Google Play Store on your Wear OS device and search for WhatsApp, you’ll see that the first search result is WatchChat for WhatsApp.

This is a $1.99 app that takes advantage of WhatsApp’s Web/Desktop feature, which uses a QR code to sync to a web-based version of WhatsApp. WatchChat essentially tricks WhatsApp into thinking it’s a web browser running WhatsApp’s official web app rather than a Wear OS app.

Unfortunately, this solution only works if you’ve got an Android phone because you need the companion app on Android. Also unfortunately, there’s been a change that has broken WatchChat for WhatsApp. Each time you open the app on your Wear OS device, you’re going to need to open up WhatsApp on your phone and get a brand new QR code to re-sync everything.

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The other big third-party solution is Messages for Wear OS, which also requires an Android phone to work. However, it’s also a full-featured solution that not only supports WhatsApp, but Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber, Telegram, Line and more.

You’ll also get the ability to view photos and videos you receive through WhatsApp, as well as looking at hyperlinks, opening links in a web browser or even opening YouTube links. When you open the app on your Android phone, you’ll be prompted to connect your WhatsApp account. Then you simply have to download the same app to your Wear OS device.

There is, however, a catch here too. While the app works fine with Android Oreo, you will see WhatsApp messages not showing up if you have Android Pie. Appfour, the developer behind the app, is currently working on a fix.

Will there be an official WhatsApp app?

In short, probably not. The wrist just isn’t a great place for text-based communication. While some people may be able to type on a wrist-based keyboard, or have no problem dictating all their messages, most people seem to be content getting WhatsApp notifications and sending quick and short replies – saving the longer replies for their phone.

Just take a look at what’s happened to the Apple Watch. When Apple announced the Watch, it made communication one of its three pillars. The Side Button would launch a ring of contacts you could quickly contact, sending messages to with scribbles, or emojis, or even your heart beat.

The set of features didn’t take off, and Apple pulled back on messaging as a pillar of the Apple Watch – though it did recently announce the voice-based Walkie Talkie feature.

The big question for WhatsApp comes down to weather developing a Wear OS app is worth the investment. At the moment, it seems like WhatsApp is a hard no on that.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 2: Samsung’s new 2-in-1 mixes the Snapdragon 850 with Windows 10 S

Back in February 2017, Samsung released the Galaxy Book. No, this thankfully wasn’t the South Korean firm’s first foray into branded literature, but a 2-in-1 convertible to rival Microsoft’s Surface Pro. With a clip-on keyboard and support for the S Pen stylus, this was a Windows 10 machine that was designed for everything.
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Now Samsung has announced the Galaxy Book 2, and it’s a very similar story to the first… only this time Intel has been dumped, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 is running the show.
Samsung Galaxy Book 2: Everything you need to know
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 release date: When is it coming out?
Samsung’s galaxy Book 2 is due to start shipping from 2 November. That’s a confirmed US release date, by the way, there’s currently no word when (or if) the Galaxy Book 2 will arrive on this side of the Atlantic.
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 price: How much will it cost?
Samsung says the Galaxy Book 2 will “start at” $1,000. What more expensive configurations will get you isn’t quite clear at the moment, but we’ll update this piece when we hear more details.
We’ll also hopefully have a price in pound sterling, too. Though a quick currency conversion gives us the magic number of £762, that doesn’t factor in tax. £850+ seems rather likely.
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 design and features: What does it look like, and what does it do?
From the looks of things, it doesn’t look like the Galaxy Book 2 is remarkably different from the original model. A little more angular, and a touch bigger (it now weighs in at 1.85lbs, with dimensions of 11.32 x 7.89 x 0.30in), but the basics are still here: a 12in tablet display with a kickstand and a clip-on keyboard with trackpad to turn your tablet into a fully-fledged PC.
I say fully fledged, but the proof will be in the pudding here. Rather than using Intel chips designed for laptops as the previous generation of Galaxy Book did (Core m3 or i5 processors, depending on your budget), the Surface Book 2 is turning to Qualcomm and its untested octa-core 2.9GHz Snapdragon 850 chip to run the show.

Video of Snapdragon 850 mobile compute platform gives Always On, Always Connected PCs a boost

Given the performance questions we had over Windows laptops powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset in the past, we’re going to reserve judgement here – though it’s important to note that Qualcomm promised a 30% improvement in performance when the 850 was unveiled earlier this year.
And if performance is up to snuff then there are real advantages in using a mobile chip, the chief of which is efficiency. Samsung reckons the Galaxy Book 2 will get a whopping 20 hours of video playback on a single charge, which isn’t too shabby.
Elsewhere, you’re looking at 4GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage – though this can be topped up via microSD card. There are two USB Type-C ports, and it runs Windows 10 in S Mode. Sadly, because the Galaxy Book 2 is powered by an ARM processor and doesn’t play well with the majority of desktop apps, you won’t be able to upgrade to fully-fledged Windows 10.
Brilliantly, both the S Pen and keyboard are included in the box, which makes it an attractive rival to not just the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface (where both stylus and keyboard cost extra), but to Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab S4, where just the S Pen comes in the box.
Samsung Galaxy Book 2: Early verdict
We liked the original Samsung Galaxy Book a lot, and the sequel is shaping up to look very attractive indeed – especially with the S Pen and keyboard included in the price.
The real question mark is over that processor, however. Without question, Qualcomm manufactures the market-leading Android CPU, but its pedigree running Windows is yet to be proved. If the Snapdragon 850 matches astonishing battery life with solid performance, the Galaxy Book 2 could yet be the convertible you’ve been waiting for.

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Free Download Boxing Star 1.3.1 APK


App Description
Go for the K.O.!Make Your Opponent See Stars!
Hey Kid, you think you have what it takes to reach the top and become the next great Boxing Star? Enter the world of Boxing, and seize it all! Rise from lowly street fights all the way up to become the World Champion! Arm yourself with custom gloves, hone your skills and Knock’em Out with a Mega Punch! Champions are made in the ring!
Features▶ Dip, duck, dodge, and weave to avoid your opponent’s attacks and strike back with a perfect counter!▶Train hard as your fighter progresses from the mean streets to the World Championships in Story Mode!▶Meet and befriend all the wacky and wild characters of the boxing world!▶Collect powerful custom gloves and combine them with powerful skills and gear to define your own fighting style!▶Fight against other players in League mode to prove you’re the best there ever was!▶Use your winnings to pimp out your crib, drive a slick whip, and gather an entourage that will make your friends jealous, while also giving you sweet bonuses!
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App Screenshot
Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 1Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 2Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 3Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 4Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 5Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 6Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 7Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 8Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 9Boxing Star 1.3.1 screenshots 10
App Detail
Playstore ID: com.ftt.boxingstar.gl.aos
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Version: 1.3.1
OS Required: Android 4.4+
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[Hindi] Cloud Computing Explained in Detail – Youtube

Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapko CLOUD Computing ke baare mein bataya hai, Cloud computing kya hai, iska naam clouc computing kyu hai, aap is se kya kya kaam kar sakte hai? Aur cloud Computing ka future kya hai? yeh sabhi baatein maine aapko is video mein batayi hai. Mujhe Umeed hai ki Cloud Computing ki yeh video aapko acchi lagegi. Cloud computing ek bahut hi acchi technology hai, aur aane wale dino mein aur bhi jyada popular hone wali hai, hum sabhi aaj bhi kisi na kisi tareeke se cloud computing ka use karte hai, magar hume pata nahi hota ki hum cloud computing technology ko use kar rahe hai.
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Here’s Why The Surface Book 2 Is Worth $3000 – Youtube

Unboxing the top 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Book 2
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The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is available in a number of different flavors. The one I’ve got here is the 13.5-inch i7, GTX 1050, 1TB, 16GB RAM. This is the top-of-the-range 13.5-inch model coming in at $2999 USD. So the question is, what makes this Microsoft Surface Book 2 worth $3000?
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LG G7 ThinQ Durability Test! – Scratch, Burn, BEND tested! – Youtube

LG has made their G7 name longer this year by adding a ThinQ next to it. Does anyone know what it means? No. But here we are. The LG G7 ThinQ is here to be durability tested. Can the LG G7 handle the rigors of every day life? or will it fall victim to weak build quality and cheap materials. There is only ONE way to find out, and thats with a durability test… and my razor blade.
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Download Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game 1.5.1 APK


App Description
‘Food Truck Chef’ was chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Games of 2017!
Cook tons of fabulous cuisines and become a top chef in this addictive time-management food truck cooking game! Download now for free!
Travel across the world and spread the Food Truck craze, something a restaurant could never let you do! Use various ingredients to cook lots of amazing recipes of delicious dishes and desserts like Coffee, Pizza, Sandwich, Cake, BBQ, Burger, French Fries etc…
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Upgrade your kitchen appliances to cook quick and fast. Decorate your truck with awesome upgrades to keep the surroundings cool and fun for everyone.
Game Features:• Unlock lots of cool levels with unique dishes and ingredients.• Unlock new items to upgrade your kitchen and be a better chef.• Welcome your customers to your food truck with a new look, customize the look to keep getting more tips!• Chase whacky achievements.• Battle it out against other chefs at the Food Truck Carnival• Earn big by sending The Party Bus out on party gigs
Let’s fire up the grill!
‘Food Truck Chef™ : Cooking Game’ is a completely free to play game but some in-game items require payment.
We would be happy to hear from you. Do get in touch with us.– To know more about the game visit: www.nukeboxstudios.com/foodtruckchefgame– For feedback/suggestions write to us: support@nukeboxstudios.com – For latest news, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/foodtruckchefgame
This game has been conceptualized and developed by Nukebox Studios. Visit us at www.nukeboxstudios.com.
****************************************************************Game Requirements ****************************************************************‘Food Truck Chef™’ respects your privacy, does not store any personal information and does not share this information.
We do require a few additional Permissions to function:
– Permission to read & write to external storageFood Truck Chef™ needs this permission to store your game progress locally on your device.
– Permission to read phone stateThis permission allows us to support you better by sending in-game items, currency, and fixes when you face problems.
Bug fixes and performance improvementsHey Chefs, Don’t forget to share your love and leave us a review. Good Luck!
App Screenshot
Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 1Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 2Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 3Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 4Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 5Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 6Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 7Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 8Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 9Food Truck Chef Cooking Game 1.5.1 screenshots 10
App Detail
Playstore ID: com.nukeboxstudios.foodtruckchef
App Name: Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game
Version: 1.5.1
OS Required: Android 4.1+
Updated: 2018-10-18
Rating: 8.7
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Installs: 10,000,000+