Best UK camera deals in July 2018: Big savings on Canon, Nikon and Sony Compact, Bridge and DSLR cameras

Want to upgrade your shots from the likes of a phone with a compact camera? Or take your photography to the next level with a high-quality DSLR? Luckily, top brands like Canon, Nikon and GoPro have slashed the prices on some of their best-selling camera and lens bundles – perfect for any upcoming weddings and holidays.  
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Whether you’re looking for a cheap compact, a DSLR or action camera, there’s plenty of bargains up for grabs. And we’ve hand-picked the best deals right here, so you don’t have to. But if you don’t see anything you like, keep checking back in as we’ll be updating this page regularly with the latest discounts. 
The best DSLR camera deals 
1. Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera (was £1,699, now £879)

It’s just been replaced by the 6D Mk II, but the original 6D is still a fantastic full-frame DSLR that delivers results any photographer would be proud of. Thanks to its compact design and built-in GPS system – which geotags each photo – the 6D is ideal for taking on your travels. 
Prices for this camera tend to hover around the £1,400 mark, so getting this for £879 is a real bargain. You can read our review of the original Canon 6D right here if you want a little more info before taking the plunge.
Buy now from Park Cameras
2. Nikon D750 DSLR camera (was £1,970, now £1,110)

The Nikon D750 is one of the best deals in our roundup. The FX-format CMOS sensor has a wide dynamic range which produces images with stunning sharpness and rich tones. Plus, with the built-in Wi-Fi feature you’ll be uploading and sharing your images in a flash. For a more in-depth review you can check out our thoughts on the Nikon D750 here.
Of course, buying a DSLR full-price can leave a major dent in your bank account. Thankfully at eBay you can get your hands on the 24.3-megapixel DSLR for just £1,110, that’s a lovely £860 saving. 
Buy now from eBay
3. Canon EOS 200D DSLR camera with EF-S 18-55 and EF 50 lens (was £700, now £530)

In our review of the Canon EOS 200D, we described this piece of kit as a solid performer at an attractive price, and now that price has become even lower. Its class-leading autofocus and responsive live view mode make this a very easy camera to get to grips with, and an excellent choice for shooting on the go. 
Currys PC World’s sale price of £580 is an applaudable £120 less than the RRP. And with Canon’s Summer Promo cashback offer you’ll save a further £50, bringing it down to just £530. Bargain. Just buy the camera and claim cashback before 31 August to redeem the saving. 
Buy now from Currys PC World
4. Canon EOS 4000D DSLR camera (was £670, now £369)

If you’re looking for a mid-priced DSLR camera on which to learn the basics of photography, this Canon camera is worth your consideration. The fact that it comes with two lenses is particularly handy for learners, who are still picking up the tricks of the trade. There’s guided modes, too, with previews and advice on the settings to help build your confidence behind the camera. 
Reduced to £399 at Currys, you can save a further £30 by claiming cashback on the Canon website. The offer is valid until 31 August and will bring the RRP down to a bargain £379. That’s a lovely £300 on a fantastic DSLR and lens bundle. Currys have also thrown in a Canon EOS100 DSLR camera bag at no extra cost. 
Buy now from Currys
5. Nikon D3400 DSLR camera and AF-P 18-55VR lens (was £499, now £360)

The lightweight Nikon D3400 is a great camera for those looking to create HD photos and movies. Thanks to the camera’s low-energy design and high-capacity battery life, you can shoot up to 1200 shots for longer than ever before. Plus, the AF-P 18-55VR is great lightweight and compact lens for everyday photography. 
If you want a little more information before investing, why not check out our full review on the Nikon D3400 right here. And best of all? There’s £125 off at Amazon right now. 
Buy now from Amazon
The best compact and bridge camera deals
1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 body (was £700, now £449)

In our review of the Lumix DMC-G80, we were impressed with its beautiful video mode, sharp autofocus and huge range of features to play with. And since it’s dropped to £449, which is the cheapest the body has ever been, we’re sold even more. Usually retailing for around the £700 mark, Park Cameras have applied a hefty £251 saving to the camera we rated as ‘the best CSC for under £1,000’.
Buy now from Park Cameras
2. Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless compact camera with lenses (was £650, now £520)

Equipped with simple creative modes, an ultra-precise focus and simple wireless connectivity, the Canon EOS M100 mirrorless compact delivers beautiful images and full HD movies. And the compact comes bundled together with two fantastic lenses, including the EF-M 15-45 mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM and 55-200 mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM. 
Currys has cut the EOS M100 and lens bundle from £649 down to £470. But with Canon’s generous cashback promotion you can save a further £50, bringing the price down to £420. The offer expires on 31 August. 
Buy now from Currys PC World
3. Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Superzoom compact camera with travel kit (was £349, now £199)

In our full review of the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Superzoom, we raved that the 40x optical zoom boasted by this camera was the biggest ever zoom function in a compact camera. Indeed, despite its tiny size, this is an excellent choice for a personal camera and it has very powerful zooming abilities. It also has WiFi connectivity and a year’s guarantee.
You can save yourself £150 and bring the price of this cool compact camera down to a staggeringly low £199. You also get a travel kit with a stand thrown in at no extra cost.
Buy now from Currys PC World
4. Canon PowerShot SX540 HS bridge camera (was £349, now £199)

Being a bridge camera rather than a compact camera, this Canon Powershot SX540 gives the user a little bit more control than the SX720 listed above, particularly when it comes to aperture and exposure. The zoom also goes slightly further, being a 50x optical zoom rather than a 40x one. 
Buy now from Currys PC World
5. Sony DSCRX100 digital compact camera (was £500, now £329)

The lightweight and compact Sony DSCRX100 is great for those looking to create high-definition photos without carting around a large, clunky camera. You’ll get some of the expert features found in a DSLR but in a sleek, pocket-sized design that’s ideal for taking on-the-go for impromptu photo oppurtunities. The quality of the images may not rival those from professional models but for a compact the Sony DSCRX100 can really hold its own. 
And if that’s not enough, there’s over £170 off at Amazon, making this great piece of kit just £329.
Buy now from Amazon 
6. Sony DSCWX500 digital compact camera (was £330, now £239)

The Sony DSCWX500 digital compact boasts a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T 30x optical zoom lens for extra clear pictures. As well as an 18.2-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor for higher image quality – even in the dark. There’s £91 off at Amazon, so grab the deal now if you’re in the market for a great point and shoot compact.
Buy now from Amazon
The best action camera deals
1. Samsung Gear 360 (was £199, now £70)

The Samsung Gear 360 has dropped to £70 at the Argos store on eBay. Down from £199, you’ll save a lovely £120 on the action camera. In our review, we said that ‘Samsung’s new and improved pocket-sized 360 camera is a must-have’.
Buy now from eBay
2. Snap Inc. Spectacles (was £130, now £100)

Never miss a Snapchat oppurtunity again with the Snap Inc. Spectacles. Fitted with tiny cameras, the glasses will capture special moments without the faff of getting your phone out. Simply press the button to record a 10-second video and then press again if you wish to extend the length of the video. 
Usually retailing for £129, John Lewis has reduced the Snap Inc. Spectacles to clear for £99. That’s a decent £30 saving on a fun pair of specs. 
Buy now from John Lewis
Not what you’re looking for? Why not check out our pick of the best cameras. Or have a look at our best action cameras instead, if you’re in market for something a little sturdier.

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Gears 5 Teases New Enemy for the Sequel – Game Rant

Whether it’s a Corpser, a Brumak, or any one of the franchise’s enemy types, the Gears of War series undoubtedly has no shortage of uniquely designed baddies and monsters that manage to pack a powerful punch in combat. While this is already the case, it looks as if The Coalition has decided to expand upon the preexisting stable of formidable foes even further by adding a new melee-heavy enemy for players to face in Gears 5.

As seen in the tweet below from the official Gears of War Twitter account, Gears 5 fans can get a gander at the sequel’s new enemy called the Warden. Per the attached visual and its de>
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Vivo NEX A performance test: not quite powerhouse material

The Vivo NEX A is the somewhat cheaper version of the flagship. Equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 710, the device should offer very good performance, but at a lower price. In our performance, we’ll be looking to see if the Vivo NEX A comes in right in between mid-range smartphones like the Nokia 7 Plus and current top smartphones like the Xperia XZ2 from Sony or Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

I am afraid of someone sharing my naked pictures publicly on the internet.
You too?

Jump directly to section:
How do we test smartphone performance?
We’ve selected several benchmarks for our tests, which we run three times in a row on our test devices. We use the following benchmarks:
Using these values, we can compare smartphones with one another with the help of measurable criteria. But that’s not enough: what use are benchmark values if the smartphone doesn’t live up to them in everyday life? That’s why we also test real-world scenarios and look at current games like Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Hearthstone or PUBG.
Powerful without special features
Vivo uses Qualcomm’s latest SoC in the NEX A: the Snapdragon 710, the first of the 700 series, which is positioned between the mid-range SoC of the 600 series and the high-end 800 series. Take a look at our comparison table to see how the SoC in the Vivo NEX A performs compared to the SD845 and SD660.

Snapdragon 660 vs. Snapdragon 710 vs. Snapdragon 845

Snapdragon 660
Snapdragon 710
Snapdragon 845

14 nm
10 nm
10 nm

Kyro 260
Kyro 360
Kyro 385

X12, 3x CA, 600 Mbps DL

X15, 3x CA, 800 Mbps DL
X20, 5x CA, 1,2 Gbps DL

802.11ac, 2×2 MIMO
802.11 ac, 2×2 MIMO
802.11 ad, 2×2 MIMO

Adreno 512
Adreno 616
Adreno 630

Spectra 160
Spectra 250
Spectra 280

Hexagon 680
Hexagon 685
Hexagon 685

QHD, 8 Layer
QHD+ 10 Layer, 4K HDR Playback
Ultra HD Premium

QuickCharge 4+
QuickCharge 4+
QuickCharge 4+

The most obvious reason to use the Snapdragon 710 in the Vivo NEX A is to lower the price. As an uncompromising alternative, there will also be the Vivo NEX S, which will feature Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line SoC model, as well as the in-display fingerprint sensor. According to the current conversion rate, the top model will cost around 800 dollars to import via China.

Xiaomi Mi 8 benchmark results

Pixel 2 XL(Snapdragon 835)
Huawei P20 Pro(Kirin 970)
Galaxy S9(Exynos 9810)
Sony Xperia XZ2(Snapdragon 845)
Vivo NEX A(Snapdragon 710)
Nokia 7 Plus(Snapdragon 660)

Geekbench CPUSingle core

Geekbench CPUMulticore

3D MarkSling Shot ES 3.1

3D MarkSling Shot ES 3.0

3D MarkIce Storm Unlimited ES 2.0

PassMark Memory(RAM)

PassMark Disk(Storage)

So how does the hardware-software combination of the Vivo NEX A compare to current top smartphones? It’s not so bad at all. It’s clear that the A version of the Vivo NEX can’t match the processor and graphic performance of a Galaxy S9 with Exynos 9810 and certainly can’t keep up with the Sony Xperia XZ2 with Snapdragon 845. But at least Vivo can nearly achieve the performance of a top smartphone from 2017. A Pixel 2 XL or Huawei Mate 10 Pro are still faster in our benchmark test, but the Vivo NEX A is not that far behind.
You have to remember that the Snapdragon 710 is also an octacore processor, but compared to the 800 series, the Kirin 970 or Exynos 9810, it functions differently. Instead of combining four energy-efficient cores with four high-performance cores as usual, the Snapdragon 710 is based on a cluster of six ARM Cortex A55 cores that are trimmed for efficiency and then just two high-performance ARM Cortex A77 cores. From this alone, you could classify the performance of the SoC in the new Vivo NEX A as “very good”.
The difference between Vivo NEX A and the S version won’t be visible. / © AndroidPIT

Hardly any difference in everyday performance!
Even if the Vivo NEX A can’t keep up with the current flagships in the benchmarks, it doesn’t mean it’s a slow smartphone. The animations on the home screen and throughout Funtouch OS, Vivo’s UI, run smoothly and without visible jerks. Of course, you have to get used to the peculiarities at first, but there shouldn’t be taken into account in this kind of test.
If we’re honest, you’d only want to buy the Vivo NEX for the motorized selfie camera, right? / © AndroidPIT

The new Qualcomm SoC can deliver consistently good results in games. Even at maximum resolution in PUBG Mobile, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition and similar graphic-intensive games, the gaming experience was smooth. In terms of performance reserves, the Snapdragon 710 in the Vivo NEX A has plenty of room to effortlessly bring the latest games onto the huger Super AMOLED screen for the coming 12 to 18 months.
What do you think of the Vivo NEX A? Is this variant enough for you, or does it have to be the S version with Qualcomm’s best SoC and a fingerprint sensor installed under the display? Let us know what you think!

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Apple sold fewer than 1 million iPhones in India in the first half of 2018: report

Apple has traditionally had trouble with sales in India. While the company started manufacturing iPhones in the country to lower the price locally, it seems that it has a long road ahead of it, according to a report from Bloomberg: it’s sold fewer than a million devices in the first half of 2018.
Bloomberg reports that three Apple sales executives left the company as it restructures its operations there. It only has a 2 percent marketshare in India, and in 2017, it sold 3.2 million iPhones, according to a report by Counterpoint Research. But those sales appear to have slowed: the same report estimates that Apple has moved “fewer than a million devices,” and even with strong sales, it’ll have trouble catching up to last year’s numbers.
India is the world’s third largest market for smartphones, but its high tariffs — adding between 15 to 20 percent to the price — has pushed consumers towards cheaper alternatives, like Samsung. Earlier this summer, Apple began to build the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE in the country — a tactic that the company hopes will help reduce the price of its phones. But it’ll take a while before Apple’s operations there get up and running at full capacity, and in the meantime, Apple is lagging further behind its competitors.
India could be a huge opportunity for Apple, and CEO Tim Cook has indicated that it’s going to move aggressively into the country. The country has expanded its 4G network and has a growing middle class, which could mean that more people will be willing adopt Apple’s products. Despite those low sales numbers, however, Cook said in May that the company’s revenue from India has grown, setting a record for the first half of 2018.
Updated July 15th 2018, 2:50PM: An earlier headline accidentally omitted “in India.” We regret the error.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 release date: Huge leak shows brand new S Pen design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is well and truly on its way, with an expected debut at Samsung’s Unpacked event in August. As is well known, the company has a bad track record with keeping its products under wraps – just look at the Galaxy S8 – and the Tab S4 is certainly no exception.
Reputable leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) has unveiled a series of photos of the Galaxy Tab S4, which reveal some exciting updates to its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S3.
This is good news, especially as we dubbed the Tab S3 as the best Android tablet since the Google Pixel C, in our five-star review. From what we can tell, the Tab S4 might just have topped its younger sibling, debuting a sleek new S Pen and a chalky white exterior.
The first picture leaked by Blass shows the Tab S4 with a Galaxy Book-like optional keyboard accessory – perfect for when you want to maximise your productivity and your tablet’s functionality.
The second picture shows the milky white/light grey colour of the Tab S4, which is a new colour scheme for the range.
Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 release date and price: When is it out, and how much does it cost?
As mentioned earlier, we’re patiently awaiting Samsung’s Unpacked event on 9 August 2018, when we predict the new Android tablet, along with the Galaxy Note 9, will be unveiled.
Until then, this latest leak has certainly whet our appetites. If you simply can’t wait for the next instalment from the Samsung Galaxy Tab range, then you might want to look into snapping up the Galaxy Tab S3 – particularly if you’re heading off on your travels and need a new tablet ASAP.
Despite retailing at a hefty £600, the Tab S3 has since plummeted to a more palatable £460 on Amazon.
Meanwhile, we expect the Galaxy Tab S4 to be marginally more expensive at launch than its predecessor. A high price, sure, but when you take into account how high-spec it’s likely to be, the bumped up price begins to make sense, even if it isn’t as initially palatable.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 design: What does it look like?
Much like the Galaxy Tab S3, the Tab S4 is a minimalistic, streamlined tablet, equipped with Samsung’s own stylus, the S Pen.
However, Blass’s leak compares the S Pens side-by-side, with the S4’s debuting a rather sleek update from the outset. Exchanging the matte black exterior of yore for a glossier black finish, as well as shedding the clip that appeared on the Tab S3, it looks much more like a conventional pen than ever.
We certainly approve – it makes for a more polished finish (literally and figuratively), giving the Tab S4 a fresh new futuristic aesthetic.
Meanwhile, an earlier render released by Android Headlines appears to show slimmer bezels on the Tab S4, compared to those on the S3. There’s more screen this time around, too, with the Tab S4 expected to be fitted with a 10.5in screen, one-upping the 9.7in display of its predecessor.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 features and specs: What can it do?
The Tab S4 will likely stick with the same resolution screen as its elder, at 2,560 x 1600, although further leaks may suggest otherwise. We also expect that it’ll come complete with a minimum of 3GB RAM and 64GB of expandable internal storage.
Rumours have also been doing the rounds that the Tab S3 will be powered by an Adreno 530 GPU, a move that hints at an imminent Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, rather than Samsung’s own Exynos equivalent.
Nothing’s set in stone yet, of course, but we’ll be updating this page as and when more information rolls in, so be sure to check back in.

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Paris is having THE BIGGEST PARTY after France won the World Cup

This is great!
France is partying like it’s 1799 after winning the World Cup final agains Croatia — and who can blame them? The Champs Elysees lit up on Sunday evening with celebration and the scenes are great.

Paris right now after France’s World Cup victory
— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews)

But that wasn’t all — not by a long shot.
In Moscow French President Emmanuel Macron jumped on the table like it was a rock concert.

Emmanuel Macron enjoyed that

In Paris American queen Beyonce showed the win during her concert.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Jul 15, 2018 at 10:00am PDT

The Bordeaux flowed.

France win the World Cup! Here is how Paris reacted at the final whistle!
— Soccer AM (@SoccerAM)

It rained champagne.

Paris live
— Diana ديانا (@vantaetint)

There was glee with chablis.

Guess who won
— Cia✨ (@ciawantsabeer)

It was the kind of party where the Beaujolais was served without delay.

Watch the moment became world champion for the second time, just moments ago, at the Champ de Mars, in
— FRANCE 24 English (@France24_en)

I’ve run out of horrible wine puns. France is having the best party since they won in 1998, and it’s magical.

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World Cup 2018 final: France 4-2 Croatia – live! | Football

2.09pm EDT14:09

Here’s some words from Didier Deschamps, who has become only the second man to lift the World Cup as a captain and manager, after Franz Beckenbauer.
“How marvellous! It’s a young team, who are on the top of the world. Some are champions at the age of 19. We did not play a huge game but we showed mental quality. And we scored four goals anyway. They deserved to win.”
“The group worked so hard and we had some tough moments along the way. It hurt so much to lose the Euros two years ago, but it made us learn too. The win is not about me, it’s the players who won the game.
“For 55 days, we have done a lot of work. It is the supreme coronation. We are proud to be French, to be Blues. The victory in the match belongs to them. Vive le Republic.

France wins the World Cup behind Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe goals

Les Bleus have won their second World Cup, with their biggest stars turning in huge performances against Croatia.
Final score: France 4-2 Croatia
France might have been more lucky than good in the first half, but they showed why they deserved to win the World Cup in the second half. Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe, in particular, upped their games during the second period with a pair of sensational goals.

Incredibly, France had no shot attempts in the first half. They went into the break with a 2-1 lead, but as the result of an own goal and a penalty, given after a long VAR review. Zero shots. Ivan Perisic scored a sensational goal for Croatia, but they went into halftime likely perplexed to be trailing, 2-1.
Croatia came out of the locker room with more energy too, but the tide strangely turned when the best player at this World Cup was substituted. N’Golo Kante picked up an early yellow card and was never the same after that. Once Steven Nzonzi came on in his place, France’s intensity picked up, and they started looking dangerous.
Pogba scored the third goal five minutes later, finishing off a long counter-attack that he started. Not long after that, Mbappe sealed the win, becoming the second teenager to score in a World Cup, after Pele. A Hugo Lloris howler gave Croatia hope, but they never created another big chance as France held on to win their second World Cup.
GOAL Mario Mandzukic! France 4-2 Croatia.
Uh oh, Hugo Lloris has committed an absolute howler and opened the door for a possible comeback. He had plenty of time to clear the ball away under some pressure from Mandzukic, but instead just kicks the ball into the Croatia striker. Bizarre mistake.

¿El oso de la Copa del Mundo? ¡Grosero error de Lloris y se acerca en el marcador! 4-2
— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports)

GOAL Kylian Mbappe! France 4-1 Croatia.
Oh man, France is just toying with Croatia now. Theo Hernandez does a couple of stepovers on the left before squaring for Mbappe, who looks like he’s setting up a curling shot towards the top corner at the far post. Instead, he takes a rip low and towards the near post, completely fooling Danijel Subasic. It’s a 200 IQ play from a 19-year-old, and this game looks over.

Kylian Mbappé gets in on the action!
The 19-year-old becomes the first teenager to score in a FIFA World Cup final since Pelé.
— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer)

GOAL Paul Pogba! France 3-1 Croatia.
Unlucky for Croatia, but Paul Pogba deserves this goal with the work he’s done in this game. He started the move with a sensational pass to Kylian Mbappe, who eventually got the ball across for Antoine Griezmann. He couldn’t find a shooting opportunity and laid it back to Pogba, who had his first shot blocked. But the ball deflected back to him, and the Croatian defense wasn’t ready. He blasted the ball past Danijel Subasic, and Les Bleus are now very much in control.

¿Gol de campeonato? aumenta la ventaja y pone una mano sobre la Copa del Mundo.
— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports)

53’ — We’ve got pitch invaders
Not a pitch invader. Invaders. Like four of them.

WTF at fans running on the field during the World Cup Finals.
— gifdsports (@gifdsports)

Erm. I think it’s a good thing for one of those pitch invaders that there was a security guard there. Because I reckon Dejan Lovren was about to kill him.
— Archie Rhind-Tutt (@archiert1)

Stewards drag off a fan who ran onto the pitch in the middle of play
— Alec Luhn (@ASLuhn)

Meanwhile, N’Golo Kante has come off for Steven Nzonzi. While Kante has been one of the best players at this tournament, he was on a yellow card. He couldn’t play as aggressively as he wanted, and it was hurting France’s midfield.
Halftime score: France 2-1 Croatia
These have been two of the most defensive teams in the World Cup, but that hasn’t produced a boring final. Just halfway through the match, France and Croatia have produced more goals than any of the World Cup finals since 1998.
While Croatia trail, they should feel good about their chances of getting back into this match. France has two goals, but zero open play shot attempts. Their first goal was an own goal, and their second was a penalty. The Croats have been the better team, and look extremely capable of mounting another comeback.
PENALTY France! Handball on Perisic after VAR review. Antoine Griezman steps up and… SCORES! France 2-1 Croatia
We’ve got a controversial one here. While there’s no doubt that Ivan Rakitic handled the ball in the box after a France corner, there will be a serious debate about whether his hand was in a natural position, or he played it intentionally. Griezmann converts from the spot.

El VAR aparece por primera vez en la final del
— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports)

GOAL Ivan Rakitic! France 1-1 Croatia!
What a strike by Perisic! Croatia ran a planned set piece that didn’t exactly go off as planned, but eventually produced the desired result. Luka Modric hit an angled ball towards the back post that was knocked down and ping-ponged around in the box before it made its way towards Perisic. He took a touch to set himself up, then hit a laser of a half-volley past Hugo Lloris from 15 yards.

Perisic apareció y con un golazo empata el marcador 1-1
— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports)

OWN GOAL Mario Mandzukic! France 1-0 Croatia
What a cruel own goal for one of the best players at this tournament. After Marcelo Brozovic hauled down Antoine Griezmann, the man who earned the free kick whipped a dangerous delivery into the box. Mandzukic rose to meet it, but the ball hit off the top of his head and deflected into his own net. Hard to blame him for this one.

intenta rechazar el balín, pero la mete en su propia portería y así lo narró 1-0
— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports)

Lineups for France and Croatia

The team news is in…
Here are your Starting XIs, and fans! //
— FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup)

The 2018 World Cup draws to a close with the final match between France and Croatia. Kickoff is at 11 a.m. ET at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow Russia. Follow along or check back in for score updates and key moments as these two teams fight for the championship title.
Croatia toppled a strong English team 2-1 in the team’s second semifinal appearance. With that win they are competing in their first-ever World Cup final and trying to bring home their first World Cup title.
France advanced past Belgium in a 1-0 victory to claim their spot in the final match. France look to claim their second World Cup final after winning the title back in 1998. France’s last appeared in a World Cup final match in 2006 where they finished as runner-up to Italy.
France vs. Croatia news to read before kickoff
5 questions about Croatia’s World Cup final chances, (sort of) answered

Right then. Are Croatia going to win the World Cup? For a game played by thousands of billions of people, and for a competition that has been running for the best part of 100 years, the very top of the men’s international game is an exclusive club. 79 teams have taken part in the men’s World Cup, over 21 tournaments. But only 13 have ever made it to the final, and only nine have ever won.

The 22 likely starters in the World Cup final, ranked

The World Cup final is on Sunday between France and Croatia, and barring any surprises, we’re pretty sure who the 22 players starting in the match will be. So let’s rank them, eh?

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Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases: Unique, Bespoke Options!

Richard Goodwin

03/07/2018 – 3:16pm

Don’t just get a bog standard case for your Galaxy S7 Edge, get something cool that’ll stand out from the crowd!

When it comes to phone cases, you can either go safe and simple or BIG and EXTRAVAGANT!
Personally, I prefer the latter scenario. I hate covering up my beautifully designed phones for the sake of protection, so if I do this, I want the case to look good.
There are plenty of places to buy phone cases these days; more than you could probably even look at in a lifetime.
And most of them are decent enough. Amazon’s probably the most common place most of you shop.
But where things get more interesting is when you look at the little guys, the smaller companies that do similar things – just in a slightly different way.
RedBubble – The Best Place To Buy Galaxy S7 Edge Cases
RedBubble is like a little piece of heaven for anyone that likes bespoke artwork.
Everything on there is created by artists, and they make money when you purchase their designs.
The designs you can get are really cool as well; they’re way better than the cheap-plastic guff you get on Amazon for £5.
Obviously, if a phone case is just there for protection, a cheap one will suffice – and for that you should 100% check out Amazon.
But if you want something different you should 100% spend some time on RedBubble. It has so much cool stuff on there – and it’s not just for phones.
Nope, they do all sorts of stuff!

Check out RedBubble’s full collection of Galaxy S7 EDGE cases, and see which one would look best on your phone!

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