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2.08pm EDT14:08

36th over: India 239-2 (Sharma 118, Rahul 4) – target 269 Willey goes for a yorker to Rahul, goes up for lbw but there was a big inside edge on that. Actually, it was more the face of the bat. Just two runs from that over, and they’re having a drink, so why don’t you?

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35th over: India 237-2 (Sharma 117, Rahul 3) – target 269 After a decent enough over, Rashid drops an absolute stinker of a long-hop to Sharma who gives it the necessary, thwacked for a one-bounce four just in front of mid-wicket. A couple more are cut to third man, and India require only another 32 runs.

Peter Miller
Most runs chasing in ODIs
Tendulkar – 8720, 232 innings, ave 42, 17 hundredsKohli – 5847, 118 innings, ave 68, 22 hundredsJayasuriya – 5742, ave 29, 10 hundreds
Kohli has the best ODI average ever when chasing (20 innings)
Kohli is the ODI GOAT. Don’t @ me.

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34th over: India 228-2 (Sharma 110, Rahul 1) – target 269 Willey back into the attack, and a slip is in for new bat Rahul. Just a couple of runs from the over.

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33rd over: India 226-2 (Sharma 109, Rahul 0) – target 269 Not sure anyone really saw that one coming.

at 1.57pm EDT

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WICKET! Kohli st Buttler b Rashid 75 – India 226-2

Huh. Seemingly from nowhere Rashid gets some big rip past the edge, Kohli sneaks out of his ground and Buttler smartly does the rest.

1.52pm EDT13:52

32nd over: India 224-1 (Sharma 108, Kohli 74) – target 269 Sharma eschews the use of his bottom hand as he sashays down the track and smites a one-handed six over long-off. Poor old Moeen.

1.49pm EDT13:49

31st over: India 215-1 (Sharma 101, Kohli 72) – target 269 Sharma goes to his century in the most flamboyant style, launching a colossal six somewhere in the direction of the Trent off Rashid. Brilliant innings, his third century in his last six limited overs internationals.

1.45pm EDT13:45

30th over: India 207-1 (Sharma 94, Kohli 71) – target 269 Moeen’s been reasonably tidy in his six overs so far, and that one was particularly neat: two singles from it. Not that it matters much at this stage, from England’s perspective.

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29th over: India 205-1 (Sharma 93, Kohli 70) – target 269 Oh! Roy almost takes a sensational catch as Sharma absolutely leathers a cut quite a way wide of him at point, which he gets his right hand to but the catch doesn’t stick. Almost feels harsh to call that a drop, but ultimately it was. Plunkett achieves the rare feat of beating Kohli’s outside edge with a nice rising one on off stump, then Kohli puts him back in his place with the loveliest off drive to the cover fence you ever did see.

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28th over: India 199-1 (Sharma 92, Kohli 65) – target 269 Woof. Sharma comes down and carts Moeen over cow corner, a man taking a lovely clean catch in the crowd, then plays an absolutely hideous cross-batted shot which nonetheless goes for four, Plunkett just failing to save at the long-off fence. Kohli helps himself to another few runs, and India casually take 16 from the over.

1.34pm EDT13:34

27th over: India 183-1 (Sharma 81, Kohli 60) – target 269 The other way Sharma might deal with any cramping issues is just to hit boundaries: he picks up one with a dabbed shot through third man. A single, then substitute fielder Dawid Malan (not sure who he’s on for) does very well to save a couple of runs on the cover fence from Kohli.

1.30pm EDT13:30

26th over: India 175-1 (Sharma 76, Kohli 57) – target 269 Sharma may have done himself a mischief in playing that last pull. Might have just been a spot of cramp, as the physio comes out with hydration of some de>
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