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2.07pm EDT14:07

20th over: New Zealand 85-3 (Devine 50, Satterthwaite 1) Sophie Devine gets the single she needs to complete her 50, from her 54th delivery. Despite their recent wobble I make New Zealand still marginal favourites to win this, and Devine is in the form to help them to victory.

2.04pm EDT14:04

19th over: New Zealand 84-3 (Devine 49, Satterthwaite 0) The ball bounces down leg side and Beaumont sprints all the way from backward point to long stop in a bid to save a run, dives, gets to the ball just in time, flicks it backwards excellently, accidentally hits it with her other arm, and ball and fielder crash over the rope together. That was the bad news. Two balls later, Bates was gone.

2.02pm EDT14:02

WICKET! Bates b Marsh 1 (New Zealand 84-3)

Bates tries to slash a wide delivery through midwicket but inside-edges into her stumps!

1.58pm EDT13:58

18th over: New Zealand 76-2 (Devine 46, Bates 0) Bates comes in at No4, apparently just the second time she hasn’t opened an ODI since 2012. And she very nearly fails to last the over, but a loud and quite tasty-looking lbw appeal from Ecclestone elicits no response from the umpire.

1.55pm EDT13:55

WICKET! Green b Ecclestone 23 (New Zealand 76-2)

The partnership is broken with the ball after the drinks break, as Green comes down the pitch and misses it entirely, and behind her it clips the bottom of leg stump!

1.50pm EDT13:50

17th over: New Zealand 76-1 (Green 23, Devine 47) England double down on spin, with Laura Marsh getting her first over. Just three off it, all singles.

at 1.58pm EDT

1.47pm EDT13:47

16th over: New Zealand 73-1 (Green 21, Devine 46) Green comes down the track to Ecclestone and gets a leading edge, but the ball bounces safely to cover. New Zealand appear to be pacing this very nicely. They require about 4.3 an over from here.

1.44pm EDT13:44

15th over: New Zealand 68-1 (Green 19, Devine 43) A couple of vaguely threatening moments in Elwiss’s over, with one loud appeal from behind the wicket (the ball flicked off the pad, rather than the bat) and a run-out chance, narrowly missed.

1.41pm EDT13:41

14th over: New Zealand 64-1 (Green 18, Devine 40) Devine tickles the ball to deep fine leg, and there’s no fielder anywhere near it, allowing the batters to run three before it’s returned. England need wickets if they’re to defend their total, but don’t have the kind of attacking field that would suggest they’re seriously hunting them.

1.37pm EDT13:37

13th over: New Zealand 58-1 (Green 16, Devine 36) Elwiss continues, and just one comes from the over. Green faces five deliveries: she has 16 runs from 42 balls faced, and Devine 36 from 32.

1.35pm EDT13:35

12th over: New Zealand 57-1 (Green 15, Devine 36) Now England turn to spin, in the shape of Sophie Ecclestone, and New Zealand score six in ones and twos.

at 1.35pm EDT

1.32pm EDT13:32

11th over: New Zealand 51-1 (Green 14, Devine 31) Elwiss continues, which shows what I know. Green hits the biggest, meanest shot of the innings, hoisting the ball over midwicket where it lands maybe six feet before the rope, bounces once and flies away for four.

1.28pm EDT13:28

10th over: New Zealand 45-1 (Green 9, Devine 30) Another misfield, or at least a poor dive, in the covers costs a couple of runs. A couple of balls later the ball goes in a similar direction but this time gives the fielders no chance at all. In the second ODI England switched to spin in the 11th over, and I’d be surprised if they don’t do the same here with New Zealand in the ascendancy.

1.24pm EDT13:24

9th over: New Zealand 37-1 (Green 8, Devine 23) Georgia Elwiss has a bowl, as England stick with seam. Just two runs result, one of them a leg bye.

1.22pm EDT13:22

8th over: New Zealand 35-1 (Green 7, Devine 23) Sophie Devine is playing excellently here. Before this series she had six half-centuries in seven ODI innings, three of them centuries, and she looks in good touch again, and gets another boundary from the last ball of Cross’s fourth over.

1.17pm EDT13:17

7th over: New Zealand 27-1 (Green 6, Devine 16) Devine’s third boundary has no element of fluke whatsoever, the ball guided with precision between cover fielders and skimmed across the granite outfield to the rope. A single later, Green flicks a full delivery through midwicket for four more. Two excellent shots there, appropriately rewarded.

1.13pm EDT13:13

6th over: New Zealand 18-1 (Green 2, Devine 11) Dropped! Well, kind of! Devine cuts to Danielle Wyatt at backward point, but it arrives low and she can’t quite get her fingers under the ball. The last two overs have brought two runs.

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1.11pm EDT13:11

5th over: New Zealand 17-1 (Green 2, Devine 10) Brunt’s second delivery hits Green on the foot, but seemed to be on its way down leg side. As Ravi Nair suggests this isn’t a scary target, they just need to stay in and keep the scoreboard ticking over.

(((Ravi Nair)))
Looks like the White Ferns could walk this. Easy does it for them, if Brunt and Cross are giving away about 5 or 6 an over.

1.07pm EDT13:07

4th over: New Zealand 16-1 (Green 2, Devine 9) Devine’s second boundary is only slightly less streaky than her first, as she edges away for four. There’s no slip in play, and the ball flew high past the right shoulder of Amy Jones.

at 1.14pm EDT

1.04pm EDT13:04

3rd over: New Zealand 10-1 (Green 1, Devine 4) The first boundary of the innings is gifted to Devine when Sophie Ecclestone, fielding at mid-on, unaccountably let the ball go straight through her hands, and through her legs, and away to the rope.

1.01pm EDT13:01

2nd over: New Zealand 5-1 (Green 1, Devine 0) A good opening over from Kate Cross, with a single off it. On Sky, Rob Key rips into the decision to “rest” Katie George, the 19-year-old whose bowling in the second match was occasionally a little wild, but which also brought useful top-order wickets.

12.58pm EDT12:58

1st over: New Zealand 4-1 (Green 0, Devine 0) Katherine Brunt starts the innings with a leg-side wide, the first of three in the over, but Watkin never looks at all comfortable against a straight ball, and barely gets her bat on anything in the three legal deliveries she faces. The last one didn’t move, swing, spin, pop or rock, it was just straight. It was a marginal lbw call, though ball tracking later shows the ball would have clipped the edge of leg stump.

12.51pm EDT12:51

The players are out, and cricket is about to be played. New Zealand have played with their top order, and after the dust settled Jess Watkin came out with a bat, and is on strike as the innings starts.

12.30pm EDT12:30

Hello world! So this is a total that New Zealand could chase down. There’s no need to panic or rush. They can take their time, take no risks, and gently coast their way towards victory. But their batting in this series, albeit with England having set more demanding targets on both occasions, has been poor, and having scored 148 and 117 in the first two matches, 220 must feel pretty daunting.

12.18pm EDT12:18

That’s it from me. Simon Burnton will be the man in the seat to take you through the New Zealand chase. Send your emails to him here.

at 12.31pm EDT

12.15pm EDT12:15

A good point, on New Zealand’s chances.

(((Ravi Nair)))
The difference this time is that NZ are not under run pressure – an easy 4.5 an over will do this for them. Of course there’s a chance they’ll still have a horror innings, but I’d say the odds are definitely in their favour between innings.

12.14pm EDT12:14

England started really well with Beaumont and Jones putting on 104 for the first wicket, but after that nobody scored more than 18. Still, New Zealand did bowl very well, particularly Jensen and Kasperek, while Kerr was unlucky not to pick up a wicket. England’s spinners should have some joy on this surface too.

12.10pm EDT12:10

New Zealand require 220 to win

Perhaps I’ve been a bit harsh on England. The pitch is slow and the outfield big, even if it is fast. They’ll have wanted more than this, but as has been mentioned New Zealand have batted terribly in the previous two ODIs, so on that basis this total might be plenty.

12.09pm EDT12:09

WICKET! Marsh b Kasperek 9 – England 219 all out

Another one keeps low, and Kasperek gets a five-fer as Marsh is bowled. England all out with a couple of overs to spare, and with a pretty disappointing total.

12.07pm EDT12:07

47th over: England 216-9 (Marsh 9, Cross 2) England try some sweeps from Watkin, but she does them with the off spin. A couple of drives don’t really work either, and Watkin is a bit unlucky not to get a wicket somewhere in there.

12.04pm EDT12:04

46th over: England 213-9 (Marsh 8, Cross 1) Cross sweeps a single, then Marsh is very nearly stumped off what might have been a doosra from Kasperek, but she just got back in time.

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