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1.38pm EDT13:38

28th over: South Africa 155-1 (Lee 112, Luus 2) Target 332 Brunt gets a proper shy at Luus, who manages a single around the corner from her fourth ball. Lee then can’t find the gap, yes she can, the final delivery of the over strays onto the pads and is duly twisted for four through deep backward square.

1.35pm EDT13:35

27th over: South Africa 150-1 (Lee 108, Luus 1) Target 332 Shrubsole returns, seeking to exploit the new batter, and Lee takes a single from her third ball; Luus can only manage the same from what’s left. The required rate is now 7.97.

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26th over: South Africa 148-1 (Lee 107, Luus 0) Target 332 The batters crossed, so it’s Lee on strike and she plays a late cut that defeats the short third man, there especially not to be defeated by that shot.

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1.29pm EDT13:29

WICKET! Wolvaardt c Jones b Brunt 32 (South Africa 142-1)

Wolvaardt’s hardly had a hit this last bit, and she looks to go over the leg side but doesn’t get enough of it and Jones takes a simple catch. I’m not sure if that’s a good change from Sarah Taylor, or one she should’ve made half an hour ago.

1.25pm EDT13:25

25th over: South Africa 140-0 (Lee 101, Wolvaardt 31) Target 332 The highest successful run chase in women’s cricket came in 2012 when Australia made 289-6 to beat New Zealand, which is to say this would be the best and by a street. Anyway, Sciver replaces Ecclestone and Lee deflects one back of a length, which comes on perfectly when she gets in a big stride, over square leg for six! So Sciver goes fuller, and again Lee gets down the track and use the pace to add four through square leg! We are witnessing something very, very special! Yes we are! a controlled pull, that’s 15 from the over, a century for Lee, and what an innings this has been! Power, patience, skill and touch, it’s all there – her second 50 took just 22 balls.

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1.20pm EDT13:20

24th over: South Africa 125-0 (Lee 87, Wolvaardt 30) Target 332 Lee has gone! She swivels on a leg side one from Marsh, caressing it around the corner for four, then cuts a wide one for four more – pressure now for England. As I’ve said all along, she’s martialing this chase perfectly. But the rest of the over yields just two singles, so achieving the run rate but without cashing in given what’s to come back.

1.17pm EDT13:17

23rd over: South Africa 117-0 (Lee 78, Wolvaardt 29) Target 332 South Africa are, though, finding gaps in the field more easily than before, and Lee brings up the hunnert with a deft turn around the corner for four. And look at that! She gets down on one knee to marmalise Ecclestone over wide mid on for six, then annihilates a full toss over square leg and onto the roof of a local accountant’s. she is such a clean and powerful hitter! Surely England will try and break this partnership now? Anyway, there’s a break while they seek the ball, but that’s 17 runs off the over.

1.13pm EDT13:13

22nd over: South Africa 96-0 (Lee 61, Wolvaardt 29) Target 332 England have not often looked, and do not really look, like getting a wicket. I wonder if England might soon bring back Brunt, Shrubsole or both, because they’ll be starting to wonder. But there’s a limit to how many overs can go by without even getting close to the required rate, and this here is another.

1.08pm EDT13:08

21st over: South Africa 92-0 (Lee 59, Wolvaardt 27) Target 332 Ecclestone and her SLA continue, and Lee absolutely mashes her over midwicket, over the fence and against the catering tent. “Shot!” she tells herself, and South Africa are starting to up the pace.

1.03pm EDT13:03

20th over: South Africa 79-0 (Lee 51, Wolvaardt 26) Target 332 Laura Marsh comes on and Lee cuts her hard, earning four through backward point. Lee then edges … but it keeps low and goes between Taylor’s pads for four! The lights are on now, and the players are starting to dry the ball, but there it is covering itself in dew when Lee cuts again, this time squarer, and that’s her fifth fifty in six innings. She’ll have to convert this one, I shouldn’t wonder, and that’s drinks. 12 off the over, and the required rate is now 8.30.

at 1.04pm EDT

12.59pm EDT12:59

19th over: South Africa 70-0 (Lee 39, Wolvaardt 25) Target 332 England raised their hundred in the 19th over but South Africa seem content to nurdle – despite facing a new, young bowler in Ecclestone – like it’s the 1992 World Cup final. Except it isn’t, they don’t have Wasim Akram, and they’re batting second. This is actually quite strange now.

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12.57pm EDT12:57

18th over: South Africa 66-0 (Lee 36, Wolvaardt 24) Target 332 Five singles. Bats need swinging, now.

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17th over: South Africa 61-0 (Lee 33, Wolvaardt 22) Target 332 Sciver tries a full, floaty one that whacks Wolvaardt on the pad, prompting a lusty appeal; it’s well outside leg, so the umpire quickly dismisses it. Wolvaardt then tries a drive over mid off, but it needed more power than she imparted and Ecclestone ought really to have taken the catch, backpeddling. But she was slow to work out her bearings, and dropped it; quickly, she is punished, when Wolvaardt swipes a one-bounce four. The required rate is now well over 8.

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12.50pm EDT12:50

16th over: South Africa 55-0 (Lee 32, Wolvaardt 17) Target 332 England’s bowlers have done a pretty good job of restricting width – both batters would love to chuck hands at anything wide, and when Elwiss tries a cutter, Lee does just that – Brunt does excellently to laif around the boundary and save two with a dive. Then, with the final ball, Lee is beaten but well outside the line when hit on the pad.

Elwiss of England looks dejected as Laura Wolvaardt and Lizelle Lee of South Africa run between wickets. Photograph: James Marsh/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock

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12.47pm EDT12:47

15th over: South Africa 53-0 (Lee 30, Wolvaardt 17) Target 332 Wolvaardt brings up the fifty partnership with a single and Lee nabs one too, then an edge adds two more. It’s not enough, and I’m beginning to wonder what the South African gameplan is.

at 12.57pm EDT

12.44pm EDT12:44

14th over: South Africa 49-0 (Lee 29, Wolvaardt 14) Target 332 Here we go. Lee stands and delivers, picking length, settling into a solid base, and lashing Elwiss down the ground for six. But still only seven from the over, so it was a rescue-job rather than a building job.

at 12.57pm EDT

12.41pm EDT12:41

13th over: South Africa 42-0 (Lee 23, Wolvaardt 13) Target 332 Lee is not scared to go in the air, and a strong bottom hand allows her to whack Sciver over mid on for four; she takes two off the next ball too. These two both have starts now, and you’d expect that at least one of them will need to make something sub sub sub sub substantial if South Africa are going to get anywhere near winning this. Six from the over; the rate is now 7.84.

at 12.57pm EDT

12.38pm EDT12:38

12th over: South Africa 36-0 (Lee 17, Wolvaardt 11) Target 332 Wolvaardt drives through the covers and they run two while Brunt cuts it off, then a drive back past the bowler is very well cut off by Shrubsole, on the bounce. Wolvaardt needs to find a few more shots, by the look of things – she can drive when it’s in the slot, but most balls aren’t.

12.35pm EDT12:35

11th over: South Africa 33-0 (Lee 17, Wolvaardt 11) Target 332 England were 61-0 at this stage, which tells you just how far behind the game South Africa are. Anyway, Sciver is into the attack and keeping it tight – a nurdled single from Lee is the only run from a hustled-through over.

at 12.35pm EDT

12.31pm EDT12:31

10th over: South Africa 32-0 (Lee 15, Wolvaardt 11) Target 332 Elwiss, in for Gunn, replaces Brunt to bowl the final over of the powerplay; I wonder if the batters might have a go at her. Wolvaardt turns her to leg first up, and Brunt hurls at the striker’s, disappointed when Taylor can’t collect and break the stumps, but it was never a chance. Still, another good over for England – South Africa need to get a wriggle on.

12.28pm EDT12:28

9th over: South Africa 30-0 (Lee 14, Wolvaardt 10) Target 332 Interesting! Wolvaardt sees Shrubsole coming, takes a short stride down, and lamps a straight one over square leg for a one-bounce four. Three singles follow, and the required rate is now 7.36.

12.24pm EDT12:24

8th over: South Africa 23-0 (Lee 13, Wolvaardt 4) Target 332 And there we go! Brunt drops slightly short and straight, so Lee pivots on her back foot and lifts four over the leg side infield. This is more like it: back of a length delivery from Brunt, again too straight, so again Lee helps it over the leg side for four.

Katherine Brunt of England bowls. Photograph: James Marsh/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock

at 12.54pm EDT

12.21pm EDT12:21

7th over: South Africa 15-0 (Lee 5, Wolvaardt 4) Target 332 South Africa have started to nudge the singles but they’re not going to help much unless accompanied by boundaries. Shrubsole is finding decent inswing, but Wolvaardt is preoccupied with pretty drives whene leg-side swipes is where it’s at. a single from Lee is the only run from the over.

12.18pm EDT12:18

6th over: South Africa 14-0 (Lee 4, Wolvaardt 4) Target 332 The run rate is already above seven, and a wide from Brunt does not put to put much of a dent; is that a half-rhyme? I think it’s passable. Lee then absorbs one on the body before turning a single down to fine leg, so Brutn sends down a bouncer that Wolvaardt has no idea how to play; she ducks while playing an airy drive and the ball flies past. This is an excellent start from England.

12.14pm EDT12:14

5th over: South Africa 12-0 (Lee 3, Wolvaardt 4) Target 332 Wolvaardt is a lovely driver, but can’t stop picking out the fielders. Except when she does so driving at Shrubsole’s second ball, after she did so driving at Shrubsole’s first ball, Amy Jones contrives a dive over it at the cost of four. They’re the only runs of the over, but facing its final delivery, Wolvaardt tries to drive one too close to her body, and is relieved to see it sneak by.

12.09pm EDT12:09

4th over: South Africa 8-0 (Lee 3, Wolvaardt 0) Target 332 This is not yet a problem for South Africa, but this is also not a great start. Perhaps they’re looking to see off the openers and then wade in, but they’re also chasing 332, and doing so successfully generally requires a fast start, or at least a sauntering start. Lee glances two down towards the point fence, but they’re the only runs of the over.

12.06pm EDT12:06

3rd over: South Africa 6-0 (Lee 1, Wolvaardt 0) Target 332 Lee turns one into the leg side and they run one, bringing Wolvaardt onto strike. She’s trying to unfurl that delectable cover drive, but so far can’t find the gaps.

12.03pm EDT12:03

2nd over: South Africa 5-0 (Lee 0, Wolvaardt 0) Target 332 Brunt starts well, offering Wolvaardt no width, before slinging down a wide. She responds well, though, and that aforementioned wide is the only run from the over; we’ve still had nothing off the bat.

12.00pm EDT12:00

1st over: South Africa 4-0 (Lee 0, Wolvaardt 0) Target 332 Bit of swing for Shrubsole first up, whose inswing is pinning Lee inside her crease, and after four deliveries she induces a false shot; Lee looks to turn one around the corner and misses. And what a delivery she produces next up, quick, seaming in, clipping leg stump, and rushing away for four! Lee is exceedingly amused by this, Shrubsole less so.

11.54am EDT11:54

The England players are huddling, which I fully expect to make the difference in this one. It’s pretty overcast out there, which might help the new-ball attack.

11.50am EDT11:50

Right, we’re nearly there: the players will be back with us shortly.

11.42am EDT11:42

In the first ODI, England’s bowlers had nothing at which to bowl, and South Africa’s batters had no scoreboard pressure with which to contend. The next 50 overs will tell us plenty about both, and in particular, the first powerplay will set up the match: can Lee and Wolvaardt get after Brunt and Shrubsole?

11.27am EDT11:27

I wonder if England might be a little disappointed. I’m sure they’d have taken 331 at the start, but when Beaumont and Taylor were whacking it, they’d have fancied something nearer to 400. They’re still favourites, of course, but they’re not out of sight.

11.25am EDT11:25

Afternoon all! Sarah Taylor is a genius, what else do you want to know?

11.23am EDT11:23

What a fightback. England were smashed up on Saturday and had to bounce back today. So far, they have done just that with the batting line-up standing up with the their sixth highest ever ODI tally. Beaumont’s ton was clever and precise, Taylor’s was outrageous, brilliant and a joy to witness. I hand over to Daniel Harris with the home side in the box seat. Enjoy the second innings. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye!

11.20am EDT11:20

ENGLAND FINISH WITH 331-6. (WICKET! Wyatt c du Preez b Kapp 20)

50th: England 331-6 (Brunt 12 not out) Brunt, who has never been more confident with the bat, smashes a full Kapp delivery down the ground for four to begin the final over. Excellent work from the visiting seamer to take pace off the ball at this stage, executing her skillz, as they say in the caper. More great running through the over, Wyatt to the danger end. Weirdly, Kapp took the ball clean but didn’t take the stumps? She didn’t appear to be watching. Odd behaviour. It means she’ll have to bowl the last ball to Wyatt… who holes out to midwicket. Excellent diving catch from du Preez. And done.

11.15am EDT11:15

49th: England 320-5 (Wyatt 19, Brunt 4) The penultimate over didn’t bring a boundary, the eight runs all in the smaller currency of Khaka’s final over (2/72), but they scored off every ball and galloped between the wickets. That’s been a feature throughout this innings: brilliant running.

11.12am EDT11:12

48th: England 314-5 (Wyatt 15, Brunt 0) Wyatt not missing out, deflecing then smashing Ismail for three boundaries in the over to ensure this innings will finish with a flurry. A terrible day at the office for the South African quick who finishes with 2/78 from her ten.

11.09am EDT11:09

WICKET! Taylor c Lackay b Ismail 118 (England 305-5)

Taylor with her foot down to the end, swiping hard but not getting Ismail out of the circle, caught by Lackay at midwicket. Many of the South Africans all go up to the century maker to offer their congratulations on a truly wonderful hand.

11.06am EDT11:06

47th: England 300-4 (Taylor 118, Wyatt 1) Wyatt drives to get off the mark with a single from the last ball of the Kapp over and it brings up the 300 for the hosts. The 11th time England have topped 300 in ODIs and the fifth since Mark Robinson took over as coach a couple of years ago. Thanks once again to Phil Long on BBC TMS for that.

11.04am EDT11:04

WICKET! Knight c Ntozakhe b Kapp 24 (England 299-4)

Kapp, by far the best of the bowlers, has earned that entry into the book. Knight tried to lift her over fine leg but didn’t clear the fielder on the circle on the 45. Nice cameo from the captain. Enter Danni Wyatt.

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