The Fastest and Easiest Way of Getting Help In Windows 10

For windows users, to use windows 10 of course sometimes experience many difficulties because windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which of course have differences in terms of features and operations than previous versions of windows, for example on windows 8 / 8.1.
For those who are still having trouble using windows 10 do not worry, the Windows 10 operating system has set up the help feature and can be used by windows mpengguna. For that in this article will explain about How I Get Help in Windows 10, here’s the explanation.

This feature will give you basic tips about Windows 10 and troubleshoot various problems in Windows 10. To get into the windows 10 help menu try to follow the following easy steps to get into the How to Get Help in Windows 10.

How to get help in windows 10

1. Log in to the Windows 10 Desktop View
2. Click on the windows start menu button on the bottom left
3. Then type typed “TIPS” and press enter
4. Then we will be taken to the tips page of windows 10, there are provided various features of help from windows 10

So the article about How I Get Help in Windows 10 Complete, hopefully with this article can provide solutions for Windows users who are still difficult in using Windows 10.

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