Forsaken Raid Boss? – Game Rant

Destiny Raid Team Lead Joe Blackburn carefully teased the community this week, revealing a small detail about the upcoming Forsaken raid. While he didn’t give anything completely away, Blackburn did confirm that the final boss is a female and is “pretty.”

So is now asking if he can get the final Forsaken Raid Boss on his tattoo, but I don’t want people pantsing him for spoilers, and also I think she’s way too pretty to go where that tattoo is going.
— Joe Blackburn (@joegoroth)

On its face, this doesn’t seem like much but it certainly helps support some theories running in the Destiny 2 community ahead of the Forsaken expansion’s launch. Given that Bungie has said the upcoming raid will tie into the larger story of the expansion, many have made predictions about who (or what) could be the big bad in the endgame encounter. Now that we know it’s a female, there are a few selections that stand out.

First and foremost is Mara Sov, the Awoken Queen last seen in the intro to The Taken King expansion. Her brother, Prince Uldren is a key character in Forsaken, so it only makes sense that she make an appearance somewhere. However, having her as a raid boss suggests more villainous intent, and many assume that Uldren, and by extension Sov, are not operating purely out of malicious intent.

The other major candidate that fits the de>
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