Fortnite Week 6 Challenges Leak, Include Stone Head Battle Star – Game Rant

Although Week 6 doesn’t officially start until next week, Fortnite’s latest set of challenges have already surfaced online. So those players looking to knock out all of the objectives for their Battle Pass as quickly as possible can plan their week and scout locations.

Most of the Fortnite challenges are fairly straightforward. Players should only need a few matches to complete all 8 of them, depending on how lucky they are with loot and if they land in the correct spots. Here are all of the Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 challenges:

Deal 500 Headshot Damage to opponents
Harvest 3,000 building resources with a pickaxe
Search where the Stone Heads are looking
Search 7 chests in Lonely Lodge
Complete 5 timed trials
Get 2 Minigun or Light Machine Gun eliminations
Eliminate 3 opponents in Tilted Towers

The two challenges that will have most Fortnite players confused are the Stone Heads one and the timed trials one. Since Week 6 has not officially begun we can’t be certain but players have pretty solid assumptions about how to solve each.

For the Stone Heads, the best guess is that they are looking at Salty Springs. There are 6 Stone Heads scattered around the Fortnite Season 5 map and they all seem to be pointing towards a central point a little to the South. Salty Springs is the best location that fits the bill but we will have to wait and see if a Battle Star does appear.

For the timed trials, most players assume that the racetrack in the desert biome will play a part. There is already a form of time trial when using the All Terrain Kart vehicle on the track so it’s possible that players just need to complete this 5 times. Admittedly, that seems like a lot but hopefully, players can get all 5 trials done in one match.

Overall, Week 6 in Fortnite should be a fairly easy one, assuming that players can get their hands on the LMG or the Minigun, ideally when they land in Tilted Towers. Getting the challenges done brings Fortnite players one step closer to completing their Battle Pass and unlocking all of the skins and other cosmetics that are available. Completing the Season 5 Battle Pass is said to be more important because the skins that come with it will reportedly continue to evolve after the Season has ended.

Fortnite is available now for iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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