How To Defeat And Catch Groudon

Although many Pokemon GO players were hoping for a short break from Legendary Battle Raids during the winter months, it seems like Niantic has no intention of slowing down. After Ho-Oh’s appearances faded away, it took practically no time for Groudon to take the bird’s place in the level five Battle Raid spot. Players now need to assemble a new team of fighters to take down the latest boss.

Groudon presents some tough competition, but the monster does have a few weak spots. Though Ground-types have no double weaknesses, the Pokemon GO monster does have regular weakness against Water-, Grass-, and Ice-types. That means players will likely be giving their Golems a rest and switching to a new roster for this fight.

We recommend putting a strong Gyarados, equipped with Waterfall and Hydro Pump at the top of the roster. This will be the strongest counter to Groudon and players may want to burn some TMs to make sure they have at least one Gyarados with the right skillset to bring to the table.

After Gyarados, there are a number of other strong options that should bring Solar Beam, Leaf Blade, or Hydro Pump into the fight. Many players likely already have a number of strong Vaporeon with the best moveset, so they will be a good option. Other possibilities include Exeggutor, Articuno, Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, and Venusaur.

Don’t forget to use the new Battle Party tool to save your best lineup against Groudon, so that you can reuse the team over the next few weeks.
Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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