How To Delete Skype (PROPERLY): In A Few Easy Steps

Richard Goodwin

03/07/2018 – 3:36pm

Deleting Skype isn’t as easy as you might think. Fortunately, this guide will tell you everything you need to know

In true Microsoft fashion, one does not simply cancel their Skype account.
No, no, no… there are far-reaching implications if you do, as Skype is closely integrated with ALL other Microsoft services.
So you cannot just delete it; this would affect everything else.
For this reason, you have to follow a certain procedure, which looks a little something like this:

Sign Into Skype 
Make Sure You’ve Used All Your Credit (You Can’t Get It Back) 
Back EVERYTHING Up (Contacts, IM Messages, Everything)

Once you’ve backed everything up, the next steps are as follows:

Go To Close Your Account 
Ensure You Select The Right Account 
Select The Check Boxes To Acknowledge You’ve Read Them
Now, Select A Reason You’re Leaving 
Select Mark Account For Closure

Once you’ve done this, Microsoft will hold your account active for 60 days before deleting – just in case you change your mind.
Once the 60 days is up, Microsoft will hit the kill switch and your Skype account will be dead and gone.
And once this happens, all data associated with it will also be gone.
Hence why it’s important to back everything up in the first place.

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