How to delete your Snapchat account in 5 simple steps

Want to know how to delete Snapchat? In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step through deleting your Snapchat account. 
Snapchat is known for being a temporary form of communication: here one second, gone the next. There are many reasons why you might want to delete such an app, not least the controversial 2018 Snapchat update that saw the platform redesigned in a way that most users find, well, downright obnoxious.
Whatever your reasons, it couldn’t be easier to delete Snapchat, so let’s get started already.
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How to Delete Snapchat: 5 simple steps to a Snap-free life
Firstly, make sure you really want to delete your account. Is the constant onslaught of blurry three second clips from nights out really annoying you that much, or could you just pick and choose the Snaps you watch a little more carefully? Is the new update actually that bad, or is there a chance you’ll get used to it? Would learning how to disable automatic updates on Snapchat be a more prudent course of action?
However you feel, know that it’s not a huge decision, as the app is easy enough to re-install and set-up again. In fact, Snapchat keeps hold of your data for 30-days – a kind of reverse ‘cooling off’ period that allows you to experience a Snap-free life, without the risk of losing everything.
If you want to take the plunge and said no to Snaps, here is how to ditch the app once and for all.
1) Go to the URL in any browser. You cannot delete Snapchat from within the app itself, as far as we’re aware.
2) Enter your username and password
3) Confirm that, in fact, you’re not a robot
4) Scroll all the way to ‘Delete my account’ at the bottom and click on it
5) Delete the Snapchat app from the home screen of your mobile device(s) and you’re done
That’s all there is to it, get ready to enjoy your wonderful new Snap-free life!
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