Lemuro Detachable Lenses for Smartphones

LEMURO is a photography accessory designed to enable any smartphone user to capture professional images without the need to carry bulky camera equipment.
Lemuro Press Release
Stuttgart, Germany – May 30 2018 – LEMURO is a photography accessory designed to enable any smartphone user to capture professional images without the need to carry bulky camera equipment. The German startup just launched on KICKSTARTER and surpassed its EUR 10,000 funding goal in less than 45 Minutes! The brand combines precision German optical engineering with a sleek Italian design.
 Eric Bohring, CEO and founder at LEMURO – “The product evolved from real-world field use. I travelled the world non-stop last year and was missing out on photo opportunities because I couldn’t carry my bulky camera equipment everywhere, so I started to develop a solution to transform my phone into a more versatile camera. I gathered a team of engineers and designers and started prototyping and testing LEMURO, finding the perfect balance between image quality, versatility and portability.” LEMURO gives smartphone photos the enhanced versatility of a larger camera at only a fraction of the price and bulkiness. LEMURO offers a range of detachable lenses that will truly improve your image taking abilities: 2X Tele Portrait; 10X Macro; 110º Wide Angle; 238º Fisheye. 
Hamid Bekradi, Lead Designer at LEMURO – “We realized that the world of photography has changed. Today more than 90% of photos are taken on a smartphone so we have designed a premium photo accessory that enables anyone to take professional pictures with their phone. LEMURO makes your iPhone as versatile as a professional camera with interchangeable lenses. This accessory gives photography enthusiasts everything they need.” LEMURO’s campaign will run from May 29, 2018 to June 22, 2018 with an estimated delivery date of November 2018. The packages offered by LEMURO are worth up to €340 ($396) retail value. During their Kickstarter campaign the products can be pre-ordered starting at €25 ($29) for a case and €50 ($58) for a lens. LEMURO is first released for the current generation iPhone range (iPhones 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, and X) and will expand to Android devices later in 2018. For more information, visit LEMURO on KICKSTARTER or at Lemuro.co
LEMURO is a disruptive German startup focused on developing premium photography accessories. Founded by Eric Bohring, who is a video/photography enthusiast and a former Finance Specialist, Lemuro aims to empower any smartphone user to take professional images and inspire others. Hamid Bekradi, the visionary Product Designer at LEMURO is based in Milan, Italy and previously worked for BMW’s former Chief Designer Chris Bangle. Dr. Ing. Christian Köhler is the Precision Optics Specialist at Lemuro and holds a PHD in Engineering. Nestor Wiegandt who is the Lead Mechanical Engineer at Lemuro is a tool design and injection molding expert. 

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