Lenovo Mirage Solo Is World's First Stand-Alone Google Daydream VR Headset

Paul Briden

11/01/2018 – 12:32pm

Lenovo has teamed up with Google on the Mirage Solo, a stand-alone headset based on Daydream VR

Lenovo has just announced the Mirage Solo VR headset, which is the first stand-alone VR headset based on Google’s Daydream VR ecosystem. Other OEMs, including Google itself with the Daydream View, have released Daydream-based headsets already, but so far they’ve all required pairing with a smartphone to function – not so with the Mirage Solo; it contaert_main_wide_image/public/2018/01/miragesolo_3.png?itok=4hzsLj5x” alt=”” />

The Mirage Solo uses a built-in tech suite dubbed WorldSense, which is designed to allow the stand-alone device to track your movements without the need for external sensors positioned in your home (as we’ve seen with the HTC Vive, for example). It also features a Daydream controller, similar to what we saw on the Daydream View and designed to allow you to interact with a VR game, app, or experience.

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