MacBook 2018 release date: Apple’s new MacBooks to feature new Intel processors and quieter keyboards

Looks like we’re about to receive an influx of new Apple MacBooks, and sooner than we thought.
Details surrounding the next instalment of MacBooks from Apple have emerged, thanks to a new product listing that comes via the Eurasian Economic Commission. Now we know that no fewer than five new models are en route to consumers, thanks to a shrewd apprehension from French news site Consomac.
Now, two huge new leaks have given us a much clearer idea of what Apple’s next instalment of MacBooks could be bringing. First on the cards are “quieter” keyboards; we’ve all been subjected to the incessant tap-tap-taping of overly ardent MacBook users, so this is no doubt a welcome change to the products. In addition, the new line of MacBooks will be installed with the latest processors from Intel, as well as more configuration options and True Tone displays.  
This is no minor spec upgrade: Apple has said that the 15in model will have a 70% performance increase, with the 13in option doubling in speed. Damn. 
We’ve done some more digging, and reckon that an update to Apple’s 12in MacBook is very likely, given telling configuration numbers of A1931 and A1932. Either that, or a new MacBook Air. Meanwhile, the models listed as A1988, A1989 and A1990 are likely new versions of the 2018 MacBook Pro, with two suspected to measure up at 13in, and the remaining model as a 15in one.
Illuminatingly, TechRadar has picked up on the fact that the models are listed as running macOS 10.13 as opposed to the macOS 10.14, the latter of which is currently in beta. And, while the new macOS launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet, the odds are that it will launch alongside these new devices. Which has left us scratching our heads; why don’t these new models run the latest version of macOS Something’s not adding up.
Read on to find out everything else we know about the new lineup of MacBooks from Apple in 2018.
MacBook 2018: Everything you need to know about MacBook and MacBook Pro
MacBook 2018 release date: When do new MacBook and MacBook Pros arrive?
We expected to see a new MacBook Pro land at WWDC in April this year, but to no avail.

Now all fingers point to September, which is historically a big release month for Apple, when we’re gearing up to see the iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 make their debuts.
However, the formality of listing with the EEC does suggest that both MacBooks could be here sooner than expected. Which, given the no-show at WWDC, is a more than welcome treat.
MacBook 2018 price: How much will a new MacBook and MacBook Pro cost?
Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t any pricing info accompanying the EEC’s product listings. Also, knowing Apple, they’ll keep that information buttoned up until the very last minute.
However, using our powers of deduction and prediction (read: looking at current pricing), we don’t see 2018’s MacBooks retailing at anything less than £1,249, which is the current price for an entry-level MacBook. Ouch.
Before you start remortgaging your house, it’s worth paying heed to rumours that Apple might just be launching a new version of the MacBook Air. If this turns out to be the case, it would likely debut around the £999 price point, just £50 more than the current entry-level MacBook Air.
MacBook 2018 design: What will the new MacBook and MacBook Pro look like?
If you’re in the market for an Apple design overhaul, you may not be disappointed. Last time we saw the Touch Bar bring a whole new lease of life into the company’s minimalistic design. Now rumours suggest that the latest instalment from Apple will include a dual-screen MacBook Pro.
Apple was granted a patent for a dual-display MacBook Pro back in March, a discovery initially made by Patently Apple. While there’s no guarantee this new design will be unveiled on any 2018 MacBook, it certainly points to big and bold innovation in the future. Will the trackpad be a feature of yore? Who knows…

Another patent taken out by the masters of minimalism suggests that a crumb and spill-proof model is in the works. Given that Apple often offers to repair its keyboards for free, and given their propensity for general grubbiness, faultiness and wear-and-tear, this new keyboard seems viable.
MacBook 2018 features: What can we expect from Apple’s new MacBook and MacBook Pro?
One key thing we expect to see with the new lineup of MacBooks is the introduction of up-to-date processors. The incumbent 12in MacBook is underpowered now, and rivals such as Intel and AMD have improved their output of low-power mobile chipsets.
However, while it would be great to see the new 12in MacBook have its battery life bolstered, Apple does have a propensity for sticking with lower-end Core M and Y chips to keep its devices ultraportable and skinny.
Meanwhile, we’ve got our fingers crossed for better audio and video, particularly given that Apple acquired Beats not too long ago. We’re hoping webcam resolution is bumped up to 1080p, with FaceTime HD compatibility, and a general boost to the (albeit already excellent) retina display across the board. Given that the latest iPad Pro got a 120Hz refresh display, we don’t think we’re getting too greedy in holding out hope for the same here.
Our fingers are also crossed for macOS 10.14, which is already in beta. Frankly, we’d be shocked not to see this come to fruition. With both the new operating system and the new roster of devices looking imminent for this year, it’d be remarkable if they didn’t align.
Another feature we’d like to see crowbarred into Apple’s new MacBooks is more ports, for both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Enough with the dongles and expansion ports nonsense! And we don’t want to push it, but if an SD Card slot is made available on the MacBook Pro, we reckon that would make for an eminently useful (and certainly feasible) addition.

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