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Welcome to Bag Week 2018. Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags — often ignored but full of our important electronics — are the outward representations of our techie styles, and we put far too little thought into where we keep our most prized possessions.
A few months back I declared the Peak Design Everyday Backpack the best thing at CES 2018. It was a silly comment since the bag was released a couple of years back but it was new to me. I had purchased the bag from Best Buy a few days prior and was in love with the bag and had to tell the world. I’m happy to report that after carrying the bag around several more conferences and a family trip to Disney World, I’m comfortable declaring it the best backpack I’ve ever used.
The company recently released a black version and sent me one to test. It looks mean. It’s the backpack Darth Vader would carry if he needed to tout around a full frame DSLR, a couple of lenses and a MacBook Pro.

The bag’s main clasp is wonderful. It’s designed in such a way that the wearer can quickly open and securely close it. Just pull down and away to open the bag. To close it, pull down so the top is tight, place the clasp next to the metal rungs and let go. Magnets hold the clasp next to the bag and the tension on the top causes the clasp to find the next available rung. Try it and you’ll love it. I do.
Peak Design equipped the bag with solid hardware. All the clasps are metal and the zippers are durable. I don’t think there’s plastic anywhere on the bag.
Like I said several months ago, the bag is best described as smart and solid. It’s a confident design with just enough pockets and storage options. The bag features one, large pocket that makes up most of the bag. Foldable dividers allow the wearer to customize the bag as needed. And quickly, too. These dividers fold in several ways, allowing the bag to hold, say, a large telephoto lens or several smaller lens.
The bag is packed full of surprises, too. Straps are hidden throughout allowing it to hold a surprising amount of items even a drone.

Small packing cubes make the Peak Design Everyday Backpack a storage cabinet. This is my bag while traveling overseas.

Peak Design positions this bag as a camera bag, but it can be so much more with some little bags. I use these and they fit perfectly in both the 20L and 30L bag. It lets me keep things organized and separated in a way that I’ve haven’t found possible in other bags. Peak Design should look at making a series of these bags. I would be all over them if they did.
The bag I bought back before CES was the 20L. It’s the smallest option though far from small. My 15-inch MacBook Pro squeezes into the laptop compartment and the bag has yet to feel too small even when it’s holding a camera, a couple of books and a travel pillow.
The new black bag looks amazing but it seems to show scuffs and dirt more than my grey one. That’s a shame, too. I throw my bags around and expect a lot out of them. This black bag looks more dirty after one oversea trip than my grey one does after six months of use.
Just like I said back at CES, I’m not going to run through all the details of this bag. A few more are worth calling out: The sternum strap is fantastic. It uses clips without moving parts so it should last a lifetime. The shoulder straps are attached to the bag with a rivet that allows the straps to swivel as needed — it’s a smart advancement in the design of a backpack. And inside the laptop sleeve is a small pocket that is absolutely perfect to hold a Traveler’s Notebook and a pen.
As backpacks go, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack costs more than most. The smaller 20L is $260 and the 30L is $290. To me, the higher price is justified and if there’s a backpack worth the extra cost, it’s this one. I highly recommend this bag.

Bag design with Peak Design
Folks, it’s Bag Week! Tito Hamze visits Peak Design’s HQ in San Francisco to learn about the company and how they create their bags. From humble beginnings starting with a clip to hold your camera to a full-fledged accessory company, this outfit is growing and creating quality products — all while never having taken any traditional VC funding.

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You can now share videos shot on Snapchat Spectacles on Instagram

Snapchat Spectacles are now a whole lot more useful.
That’s because Snapchat has updated its camera-equipped sunglasses with the much-requested option to export video in a non-circular format, at long last making it worthwhile to share the short point-of-view clips on other social networks, like Facebook, Instagram (or IGTV), Twitter and even YouTube.
Spectacles weren’t as much of a hit as Snapchat was expecting them to be – in the UK, at least – so it’s not all that surprising to see the firm experimenting with new ways to make them appeal to customers who decided against picking them up, and introducing support for more video formats is a sure fire way of doing just that.
We haven’t had a chance to play around with the update yet, but from what we’ve seen online, exporting a video in either a square or widescreen format takes the standard circular video footage, which is famed for letting users rotate their phone (in Snapchat) to view more of the scene, and zooms in until it fills the entire frame.
Related: How to take good selfies
As I said, we haven’t put the upgrade through its paces, but it’s safe to say that zooming in on such a large scale takes a toll on quality. To see what I mean, snap a photo using the square mode on your smartphone, then zoom in till it occupies the entire screen. It’s grainy, right? The exact same thing happens with video.
The release is rolling out for both the first- and second-generation versions of Spectacles, according to the folks over at Engadget. You will need to install it using the Snapchat application for either Android and iOS, though, so make sure you have your smartphone to hand, then follow these three straightforward steps:

Swipe up to Memories and tap on the Spectacles icon in the top-right corner.
Tap on your Spectacles under the My Spectacles section.
Tap Check For Updates under the Updates section.

Let us know what you think of the Spectacles update over on Facebook or Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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Teardown shows inner workings of the Vivo Nex’s pop-up selfie camera

Chinese smartphone makers have gone down a clever new path to get rid of the display notch and create a truly edge-to-edge screen: they’re now building pop-up cameras into their phones. We’ve seen both Oppo and Vivo do it in the span of a few weeks, and the latter’s Nex smartphone has already been put through the teardown process at MyFixGuide.
In the shots, you can see all the mechanics and components that make the slide-up motion possible on the selfie camera. There’s a spring in there, but it’s actually the silver spiral stepper to the right that pushes the camera up. It all seems fairly well put together, but moving parts are moving parts and thus more prone to failure.

The teardown also shows the vibration motor that’s part of the Nex’s piezoelectric speaker system, which replaces the standard earpiece you get on other phones. It follows the same principle as Xiaomi’s original Mi Mix, but MyFixGuide says the approach is quite different. When so many companies are producing smartphones that are hard to tell apart, it’s neat to get a close look at some of the standouts.

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How can Germany qualify for the World Cup knockout round?

Germany aren’t done yet, but they need help to get out of the World Cup group stage.
Following a loss to open the World Cup, Germany enters the second round of group stage games with some work to do. They need a draw against Sweden to stay alive, but realistically, a win to feel good about their chances to advance to the round of 16. The Germany vs. Sweden highlights and result can be found here.
Here’s the Group F table heading into the match between Germany and Sweden, following Mexico’s victory over South Korea.
Mexico — 6 points, +2 GDSweden — 3 points, +1 GDGermany — 0 points, -1 GDSouth Korea — 0 points, -2 GD
If Germany wins, things get weird. That would mean that no one clinches or is eliminated, and all teams have a chance to advance on the final day. If Germany-Sweden ends in a draw, Mexico advances and South Korea is eliminated, with Germany and Sweden’s status going down to the final day. If Sweden wins, both Sweden and Mexico advance, with the last game only being about positioning.
In the event that the group ends with teams even on both points and goal differential, it goes to all the other tiebreakers, which you can read about in our handy tiebreaker guide.
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England v New Zealand: women’s T20 series – live! | Sport

1.48pm EDT13:48

17th over: England 139-6 (Sciver 59, Shrubsole 5) Devine’s hat-trick ball was a missed yorker, Shrubsole clipping the low full-toss, her first ball, for four. Seven runs and two wickets from the Devine over. She has one more up her sleeve for the death.

1.47pm EDT13:47

WICKET! Jones b Devine 0 (England 134-6)

Devine on a hat-trick! Jones tries to go over midwicket across the line but the seamer hits the top of off stump. Great fight from New Zealand.

1.45pm EDT13:45

WICKET! Brunt b Devine 14 (England 134-5)

Nice change of pace, Brunt chopping on after making room for herself.

1.44pm EDT13:44

16th over: England 132-4 (Sciver 58, Brunt 13) What a classy way to bring up a half-century, making room to lift a square drive over point. As you do. She gets there in 31 balls with half a dozen boundaries. Now a seventh, shovelling over her shoulder to fine leg. Could have departed to the next ball, spitting off an edge down to short third man, but it doesn’t go to hand. Jensen eeks out a couple of dots before Brunt keeps the strike when hitting a full toss to the fielder at long-off rather than putting it on the moon.

1.39pm EDT13:39

15th over: England 120-4 (Sciver 47, Brunt 12) Superb shot from Sciver down the ground to start the new Kerr over, lofting a checked drive one-bounce over the rope. Had she hit through the ball it may have landed back in town. The young leggie fights back well though, giving up just three other singles.

1.36pm EDT13:36

14th over: England 113-4 (Sciver 41, Brunt 11) So close! Athletic diving effort from Bezuidenhout at short third man in an effort to drag down an edge from Brunt but she isn’t quite tall enough and four runs are added. Brunt makes it two boundaries in the over, slapping inside out and beating mid-off. 12 off the over. 180-190?

1.32pm EDT13:32

13th over: England 101-4 (Sciver 39, Brunt 1) Sciver is the senior batsman out there now, hitting Kasperek for four the ball after she claimed Knight’s wicket. A further single brings up the England 100. Brunt keeps the strike with a single of her own to get off the mark.

1.30pm EDT13:30

WICKET! Knight c Green b Kasperek 19 (England 95-4)

Really good catch in the sun at deep midwicket. Knight didn’t get all of it but it was nice and high, which always complicates matters at this time of the evening. The captain is gone.

1.27pm EDT13:27

12th over: England 93-3 (Sciver 33, Knight 18) Kerr gets a second opportunity. These two taking on the field at every opportunity, Knight coming back to the danger end when Sciver took a couple to midwicket but that pressure forced an error with the frantic throw. The same fielder, though, makes a great diving stop in the deep from the next Nat Sciver slap. She’s into the 30s. From here, they should really get the 165-170 that Beaumont talked about before the game.

1.23pm EDT13:23

11th over: England 86-3 (Sciver 28, Knight 16) Bad drop! Tahuhu puts down the chance in the deep off Sciver to begin the new Bates over. Sciver emphasies how big an opportunity was blown, hitting the cover off a whip through midwicket that races away for four. Knight’s turn, making room for herself to square drive with class past point for another.

1.21pm EDT13:21

10th over: England 74-3 (Sciver 21, Knight 11) Kerr is on, from the Botham Stand End. She is well supported by her fielders early in the over when Bates saved a full-toss from going to the rope. The opposite was true later in the set, Knight gliding a top-notch wrong’un behind point to a fielder who misfields, turning a dot into a four. Eight off it.

1.18pm EDT13:18

9th over: England 66-3 (Sciver 19, Knight 5) The captain, Suzie Bates, bringing herself on and has half a shout for leg before first up against Sciver. Another over where singles are the objective. The all-rounder is hitting the ball sweetly and Knight hoping to pick up where she left off earlier, also finding the sweepers.

1.13pm EDT13:13

8th over: England 60-3 (Sciver 17, Knight 1) Five singles from the over in addition to the Beaumont wicket. Get Amelia Kerr on, I say!

1.11pm EDT13:11

WICKET! Beaumont b Jensen 23 (England 58-3)

Falls to the lap sweep! She plays it so well but didn’t make proper contact beyond maybe an inside edge, which deflected back onto her stumps. Huge wicket for the White Ferns!

1.08pm EDT13:08

7th over: England 55-2 (Beaumont 23, Sciver 13) A rapidly-run two gets Sciver off strike and next ball she pulls Devine hard across the line, into the gap at square leg for her first boundary. Another hard-run two into the legside shows intent and brings up England’s 50. Another four for Sciver takes her into double figures inside four balls, flat-batting a short ball to mid-on that bounces just before the fielder and skips down to the rope. There would have been a third four if not for an athletic diving stop by the captain Bates at extra cover. 13 from the over, all to Sciver.

1.05pm EDT13:05

WICKET! Taylor run out 1 (England 42-2)

The worst way to get out! Hayley Jensen is savvy enough to get a hand down to a Beaumont straight drive and it deflects onto the non-strikers’ stumps with Taylor backing up and therefore well out of her crease. Not fun at all.
6th over: England 42-2 (Beaumont 23, Sciver 0) Earlier in the over, Beaumont swung across the line with a slog-sweep that bounced once before crossing the rope for her fifth boundary. The end of a power play that would have been a lot better had they not lost Taylor at the very end of it.

1.00pm EDT13:00

5th over: England 37-1 (Beaumont 19, Taylor 0) Beaumont done for a lack of spin when trying to pull, a swing and a miss lucky that she is lucky wasn’t a tad straighter. The ball that got Wyatt seemed to keep its line rather than turn as well. There is a big shout for lbw to finish with Beaumont is reverse sweeping but she’s outside the line so it is turned down. Only one run in the over, alongside the wicket.

12.58pm EDT12:58

WICKET! Wyatt c Bates b Kaskerek 15 (England 37-1)

Wyatt dances to the spin of Kasperek in an effort to again make some room for herself to swing but she doesn’t get much of it, carrying nicely to the captain Bates at mid-off.

12.56pm EDT12:56

4th over: England 36-0 (Wyatt 15, Beaumont 18) The quickest of the New Zealand bowlers, Lea Tahuhu, on for her first over. It doesn’t start well, with Wyatt twice hitting her through the legside. The second of those is real help yourself stuff, a full toss on her pads that she helps down to the boundary. Beaumont pulls to midwicket to keep the strike, a shot that probably would have been four if not for Kerr’s diving stop.

12.51pm EDT12:51

3rd over: England 28-0 (Wyatt 8, Beaumont 17) Kasperek sends down the second over of spin in the power play. An experienced campaigner, she’s on the spot straight away. So Wyatt innovates, making room for herself before slaying through extra cover for her first boundary of the day. Beaumont misses a reverse sweep to finish.

12.49pm EDT12:49

2nd over: England 21-0 (Wyatt 2, Beaumont 16) Sophie Devine has the new ball from the Ian Botham Stand End. Sprays a wide first up before finding Beaumont’s inside edge. Devine now opening the bowling as well as the batting in this side, the vice-captain really taking ownership. It is Beaumont taking control though, cutting crisply behind point. Fantastic placement from the opener who is having a summer to match that of her breakthrough 2016 season. Devine does beat the bat with a delivery that hits the seam and flies. In turn, she attempts a bouncer next up but it has gone too high so a wide is called, the third of the now-lengthy over. Sure enough, Beaumont punishes the extra delivery, clipping with authority behind square leg for a one-bounce four. Class.

12.44pm EDT12:44

1st over: England 9-0 (Wyatt 1, Beaumont 8) Petersen spot on with her finger spin so Beaumont innovates and busts out a reverse sweep fifth ball of the game! “Silthy smooth” says Mel Jones on TV and that’s precisely what it is. Plays that shot as well as anyone in the game. Makes it back to back boundaries with a powerful pull. Once again, she’s away!

12.41pm EDT12:41

NOT OUT! Close call! Behind square came the throw from Tahuhu, she was sent back and nearly had to return all the way to the Andy Caddick Pavilion. Home by about two inches in the old money.

12.40pm EDT12:40

IS WYATT RUN OUT FIRST BALL? We’ll find out. They are going upstairs.

12.40pm EDT12:40

The players are on the field! Tammy Beaumont and Danni Wyatt opening the innings for the hosts. Anna Peterson to bowl the first over with her spin. PLAY!

12.34pm EDT12:34

We had a chat to Tammy Beaumont between the games. She believes par on this track, which has now had 120 overs of cricket played on it, will be about 165-170. It has really slowed down a lot compared to Wednesday, when it was hard as a cat’s head.

12.29pm EDT12:29

Amelia Kerr. Can’t wait to watch the 17-year-old sensational against England for the first time since last year’s World Cup. You may have heard of her last week when she clobbered a world record 232 not out then took 5/17 in the same game. She first came to prominence as a 14-year-old playing in a televised domestic final turning her leg breaks square. Due to how well the top order played against South Africa on Wednesday, she didn’t get a bat. Excellent interview with her here from during the week.
More broadly on the New Zealanders, they are consumed with securing success on the big stage after falling badly short at the World Cup and collapsing in the semi-final of the 2016 World T20. They boast a very experienced line up with players who feature prominently in both the Women’s Big Bash and the Kia Super League. If they are going to do something big, it has to be this year.

at 12.30pm EDT

12.22pm EDT12:22

Teams in full:
New Zealand: Suzie Bates (c), Sophie Devine, Katey Martin (+), Amy Satterthwaite, Amelia Kerr, Maddy Green, Anna Peterson, Leigh Kasperek, Hayley Jensen, Lea Tahuhu, Bernadine Bezuidenhout.
Bernadine Bezuidenhout in for Hannah Row the only change there.
England Women: Danni Wyatt, Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor (+), Natalie Sciver, Katherine Brunt, Heather Knight(c), Amy Jones, Tash Farrant, Anya Shrubsole, Danni Hazell, Sophie Ecclestone.
Jenny Gunn left out in favour of Tash Farrant. Not great news for the veteran.

at 12.23pm EDT

12.14pm EDT12:14

England have won the toss and will bat

One change to the side that played earlier this afternoon, left-arm seamer Tash Farrant coming in for all-rounder Jenny Gunn. I’ll have New Zealand’s side shortly.

12.13pm EDT12:13

Welcome (back) to Taunton!

Can England square the ledger on the day or will New Zealand continue their wonderful, unbeaten run so far on this tour of England and Ireland? That’s all all ahead of us in the second match of our Taunton double-header.
If you’re just tuning in, Heather Knight’s side were defeated by South Africa in the earlier game, accounted for my six wickets with three balls to spare after a couple of super knocks from Sune Luus and Lizelle Lee.
As for the Kiwis, in the triseries opener on Wednesday they absolutely smashed South Africa, cracking 216-1 – a new world record (that England overtook later in the day). They are in red hot form with leadership duo Suzie Bates and Sophie Devine both very much at the peak of their powers. Should be fun. Back with the toss and teams in a tic.

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Watch Son Heung-min’s beautiful goal against Mexico

It came too late for South Korea, but it’s worth watching again.
Son Heung-min scored on a beautiful strike in the 93rd minute of South Korea’s group stage match loss to Mexico, 2-1, on Saturday. It didn’t change the result, but it did breathe life into a team that nearly went scoreless in consecutive games.
Please enjoy the beauty of this kick with incredible narration from Jorge Perez-Navarro, the broadcaster none of us truly deserve.

Heung-Min Son marca un golazo para pero no fue suficiente para evitar la derrota ante
— Telemundo Deportes (@TelemundoSports)

[takes puff of inhaler]
For South Korea, the strike came all too late as Mexico dominated most of the earlier match with goals from Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez. South Korea is now 0-2 in the group stage, while Mexico has a full six points.

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How To Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos

21/06/2018 – 1:04pm

Fed up with WhatsApps auto-save feature for photos, videos and other media? You can turn it off

WhatsApp is a pretty fantastic messaging app, to the extent it has become the preferred contact app of choice for millions, with literally over a billion people across the world using the app.
However, nothing is perfect, and WhatsApp is not without its quirks and foibles.
One of the main ones which rubs people up the wrong way is that, by default, WhatsApp will download and store every picture, gif, audio recording, and video file sent and recevied within the application.
On the one hand, this is great, because it means if you want to re-send that meme from a while back, you can just dive into what the app has saved.
On the other, it can be a damn nuisance because it can quickly take up a fair bit of storage space on your phone, on top of cluttering up your gallery and folders.
Below we explain how you can toggle this feature off and on, so you can control whether WhatsApp is saving media files or not.
How To Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos, Videos & Other Media

Open WhatsApp so that you’re in the main screen with a list of ongoing conversations.
Tap the icon with three dots in the top right.
Tap “Settings“.
Tap “Data and storage use“.
Under “Media auto-download” you’ll see three sub-categories: “When using mobile data“, “When connected on Wi-Fi“, and “When roaming“.
On all three categories you can tap and select from a series of checkboxes which file types you want to allow for that connection type – if you don’t want to allow any, de-select all of them for each category.
Note also that at the bottom there is “Media visibility” which you can also check or un-check. This toggles whether or not media downloaded inside WhatsApp will be visible in your galleries and folders outside the app.

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OnePlus 6 Review – Preview Images

Ahead of our full review, here are some sample images taken with the new OnePlus 6 smartphone.
A gallery of sample images taken with the OnePlus 6 smartphone.
OnePlus 6 Sample Images

Sample RAW Images
The OnePlus 6 enables users to capture RAW and JPEG format files. We’ve provided some OnePlus RAW (DNG) samples for you to download (thumbnail images shown below are not 100% representative).
Sample Movie
This is a sample movie at the highest quality setting of 3840×2160 at 60 frames per second. Please note that this 17 second movie is 245Mb in size.
View the sample movie.

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Whatsapp tpk, How To Download Whatsapp From Tizen Store

– WhatsApp is must have app on any mobile device, may it Apple, Android, Windows or our own Tizen OS. Everybody wants it on thier smartphone. The best part is Tizen has its own WhatsApp Messenger app – created by official Facebook developers. It has been in the store since 2015, still enjoying hot spot into app ranking. All Tizen users want to download this social sharing app on their smartphones, the problem is not all customers know how to do it. Many Tizen customers comes from feature phones, as Tizen is their first smartphone, basically don’t know how to download or install new apps.
On the Tizen, WhatsApp version is different than other platforms. Some features are missing on it compared to Android & Apple versions of the app. For example, My Status & Emojis are unavailable on the Tizen Phones. The other important feature is video calling, right now you can’t make any video call to other network. These features may come in next versions but needs little more time.
For the first time user it may be a problem. I also had such problem back in days when I had bought my first Android smartphone so this is not a big issue. So today I will tell you simple steps to download WhatsApp Messenger from Tizen Store in a easy ways.
Now follow these simple steps to download new WhatsApp Messenger app on your Tizen smartphone.
1. Open Tizen Store app on your Tizen smartphone.
This is available on your home screen. Don’t see it? On the home screen drag your finger from down side to upper. The new tab will appear. Here on the first tab you will see Tizen Store app.
2. In the Tizen Store, now search WhatsApp from search option.
You will see search option in the right upper corner. Open it and type WhatsApp or WhatsApp Messenger and tap on it.
3. The other option to find WhatsApp app in store is go to Popular app section. Here you will see all the popular apps on Tizen. Now tap on WhatsApp.
4. Now here you will see download option, hit it and it will be successfully installed on your smartphone.
5. Note that it will start downloading if you are logged in to Tizen Store with your Samsung ID. If not, then first you have to sign up to Tizen Store with Samsung account using your email ID or working phone number.
As I said, If you don’t know how to sign up to Tizen Store then read my other article, How to download free apps from Tizen Store. In the article you will get all the instructions to get all the free apps.
5. Now tap on open button when it successfully installed on your device and login to WhatsApp with your phone number.
These instructions are for those users who don’t have WhatsApp on their phone. Samsung Z2 and newest Samsung Z4 comes with pre-installed WhatsApp so they don’t have to get it. Just go to Essential App folder on your home screen and use it. If you accidentally deleted pre-installed version then you can also follow these steps to get new one.
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What Alolan Eggs Can Hatch Into – Game Rant

Alongside the friends and trading feature recently introduced in the latest Pokemon GO update, Niantic also gave players the ability to gift items to friends. While there is an extensive list of items players can gift each other, one of the more coveted items is an exclusive gift-given 7 KM egg.

The contents of these unusual eggs (in the sense that prior eggs hatched at 2 KM, 5 KM, and 10 KM) are four of the recently revealed but not yet fully implemented Alolan forms. For those unaware, an Alolan Pokemon is an alternate variant with a tropical twist first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon and, a few weeks ago, Pokemon GO introduced its first Alolan-form Pokemon as the Grass/Dragon-type Alolan Exeggutor.
The list of Alolan Pokemon is relatively short, with each Alolan sprite as well as its shiny version recently added to the game. Exeggutor, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Diglett, Dugtrio, Grimer, Muk, Rattata, Raticate, Raichu, Marowak, Meowth, Persian, Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, and Sandslash all have this alternate form, but currently, only four of the aforementioned are hatched via 7 KM eggs. Check them out in this screenshot:

As indicated above, the Alolan forms of Vulpix, Meowth, Grimer, and Sandshrew are obtainable through these special eggs. Diglett and Geodude are missing from this list, as they are set to be featured at GO Fest 2018. Marowak and Raichu don’t have Alola pre-evolutions, so players may expect to see them manifest in another way later, and Aloloan Ratata is catchable in the wild.

Gifting is definitely a huge benefit for players, self-evident ever since the update went live. As Niantic continues to refine its friend feature, it’ll be interesting to see how the company varies up the gifts. While these latest additions are certainly exciting now, eventually the excitement will wear off, but with Niantic’s reputation, this shouldn’t be a real concern. For now, Pokemon GO trainers biggest concern may be getting these Alolan eggs. Good luck out there, trainers!
Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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