‘For the survivors’: champion Simone Biles wears teal to highlight sexual abuse scandal | Sport

Olympic champion Simone Biles won her fifth all-around title at the US gymnastics championships in Boston and used her outfit to make a statement for those affected by the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the sport.
The 21-year-old designed the leotard she wore on Sunday, all the way down to the light shade of teal – the designated colour for survivors of sexual abuse, a group that includes Biles, who revealed in January she was among the victims of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.
“[The colour] is for the survivors,” Biles said after becoming the first woman in 24 years to post the top score on every event on her way to a national championship. “I stand with all of them and I think it’s kind of special to unite [people].”

Biles’s total of 119.850 gave her a 6.55-point margin of victory over nearest challenger and reigning world champion Morgan Hurd (113.300). Riley McCusker (112.750), Grace McCallum (111.650) and Shilese Jones (109.850) rounded out the top five.
“She pushes us,” McCusker said. “I’m honestly just in awe of her.”
Biles is the second woman to win nationals five times, joining Clara Schroth Lomady, who won six between 1945 and 1952. Biles also became the first woman since three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes in 1994 to wind up first on floor exercise, balance beam, vault and uneven bars.
The stellar showing from Biles, who won four gold medals at the Rio Games, comes less than a month into her return to competition after an almost two-year break. She is among more than 100 gymnasts who say they were abused by former Nassar, who received a prison sentence of up to 175 years after pleading guilty to criminal sexual conduct.
Biles came up with the idea to wear teal eight months ago, long before she knew how her comeback following a post-Olympic break would go. In the end, it simultaneously served as a beacon to her gymnastics while also highlighting the need to keep the Nassar survivors at the forefront.

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SummerSlam 2018 live results: Winners and highlights from Sunday night

It’s time for one of WWE’s biggest shows of the year, and we’re covering it all live.
SummerSlam 2018 is over, and it sure was four hours long — that was mostly a good thing, at least. Mostly. Cut these shows to 3:30 or something, I don’t ask for much.
We’ve got new champions, we’ve got feuds that are clearly still going to continue after violent starts to them, and we’ve got the surprise return of the Demon. Yup — that version of Balor is back, and he’s glorious. We also got some legitimate squashes, and you know, I enjoyed that twist.
We liveblogged the whole thing from start to finish, and it’s below. If you want to start at the beginning of the show and read that way, scroll to the bottom and work your way back up.
Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (c) for the WWE Universal Championship
It’s main event time. We’ve seen Reigns vs. Lesnar before, and again before that, but maybe this time will be different. Maybe. Listen, I’ve got a few minutes left to be optimistic that this will be a short affair, or Strowman will cash-in immediately, or basically anything that doesn’t result in 15-20 minutes of one-on-one Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.
Some of these AR entrance graphics are pretty cool, and others are Roman Reigns’ weird dog thing that just looks dumb as hell.

➡️ https://t.co/ePt5TzD6sU
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps)

They should have done AR pyro for Lesnar. I miss his pyro.
Braun Strowman’s music just hit! The crowd finally cheered for something in this match! CASH THAT BRIEFCASE IN YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN
Brock Lesnar is SO PUMPED about this, Reigns does not look very excited. Strowman is apparently going to wait for the match to end, and then cash in on whoever is left standing. They’re gonna get these hands.
Reigns came out of the gate ON FIRE, hitting multiple Superman punches and then a trio of spears while Strowman watches from the outside. Lesnar now has a guillotine choke in, but Reigns got out of it with a one-armed spinebuster-ish counter. There’s a second guillotine choke, though, and Reigns is grounded once more.
Lesnar took his gloves off, so Reigns is about to get his head punched in with some huge knuckles. Here come the German suplexes — that’s the prelude to punches.
Brock sidestepped a Reigns’ spear, and Reigns went flying outside of the ring and hit Strowman with it — Lesnar now picked hi up for an F5 on the outside. Apparently the plan now is to destroy Strowman so he’s not 100 percent when he comes in for the second match. Will Strowman decide to cash-in during the match instead now?

Has the threat of just been F5’d out of commission?!
— WWE (@WWE)

Lesnar just threw the briefcase all the way up the ramp, so now Braun doesn’t have it on hand. Reigns takes the moment of distraction and spears Lesnar, and gets the pin! Roman Reigns is the WWE Universal Champion now! Except he didn’t kill Brock in the process, so don’t brag too much there, Roman. And Braun still exists.
Or, apparently, Braun doesn’t exist — he’s still down, and the case is far away, and we just faded to black. The good news is now we’ve got Braun with briefcase still in hand, and he wants that title. And someone he knows he can beat is holding it.
Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss (c) for the RAW Women’s Championship
Here. We. Go. Natalya is here to support Ronda Rousey, who she trained and is pals with, while Alexa Bliss came out alone, but the camera panned to the Bella Twins at ringside. CURIOUS. The Bellas would definitely join forces with Alexa to stop Ronda’s rise. I don’t care how good being a face has felt for them the last few years.
Rousey looks like she went to the back and asked the makeup artists to give her the Kefka. Not everyone can pull off Bull Nakano, okay?
The good news is that she still brought her violent tendencies, and she got amped up enough that it was clear she remembered at the last second she couldn’t yell “motherfucker,” so I’m still enjoying what’s on screen.
The armbar is locked in already, and it looks like Bliss’ arm is being ripped out of its socket. Rousey finished with one arm and went to the other, and Bliss tapped out! Rousey is now the RAW Women’s Champion, and suddenly we’ve got the “leader” of the (MMA) Four Horsewomen with a major women’s title, and the “leader” of WWE’s Four Horsewomen with a major women’s title, hmmmmmmmmmmm

The BLISS era is over. The ROWDY era has BEGUN! is your NEWWWWW !
— WWE (@WWE)

Also, this is the kind of beatdown that Alexa Bliss has needed to have happen to her for months: it’s a shame Nia Jax wasn’t responsible for it months ago, but hey, better late than never.
Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) for the United States Championship
Jeff is here after getting kicked right in the Hardy Boyz, but this time he’s ready to wrestle. They’re trying to out-weird each other, which is a battle where either everyone or no one wins, depending.
I mean:

It’s time for a match at , and here comes !
— WWE (@WWE)

This match is going fine, but it’s also a reminder that these shows are a little too long. We’ve got two matches left after this — three if Braun Strowman cashes in after Lesnar vs. Reigns.
Nakamura went for the low blow, but Hardy pushed him back before it could connect. True veteran experience right there. Jeff answers with a Twist of Fate, and then goes up top for a Swanton Bomb, but doesn’t cover Nakamura right away! He’s not going to get the pin in time, and Nak grabs the rope for good measure.
Okay, now Hardy is doing the Twist of Fate and Swanton combo but without a shirt. Nakamura rolls to the apron, and Jeff attempts the Swanton to the apron, but Nakamura moves and oh my god that hurt to watch.

➡️ https://t.co/ePt5TzD6sU
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps)

Nakamura ends up taking control because of this, and without having to punch Hardy in the dick. Nakamura retains after a Kinshasa, and that’s it for Jeff Hardy.
Here comes Randy Orton, though, who has been creepily watching this feud from afar and sometimes from close enough to hit people in the groin. Orton walks down to the ring, then walks back up the ramp — he just didn’t want Hardy to forget he exists and is waiting for him.
Constable Baron Corbin vs. The Demon Finn Balor
Yes, apparently the Demon version of Finn Balor is here, and he’s got a AR graphic cloud with lightning overhead, too. This is a good way to change things up, as these two have already wrestled each other a bunch on free television.

— WWE (@WWE)

Corbin, who looks like he just showed up from his shift at Ruby Tuesday’s, is visibly not thrilled about the surprise appearance of the Demon. He also just lost a match that was about as long as Balor’s entrance: that was a breath of fresh air. Surprise Demon, cool entrance, Corbin getting his ass kicked by a superior opponent.
Daniel Bryan vs. Miz
What a video to recap this feud. This has potential to be the top match of the night, to the point it will be disappointing if it’s anything but. Now, don’t confuse “disappointing” for “bad” — I’m just saying this has real upside.
Miz getting really into anime has been a highlight of 2018:

THIS is going to be AWESOME, and is EXTRA pumped!
— WWE (@WWE)

Daniel Bryan is wearing blue, not maroon or red, but he is team SmackDown, so I’ll allow it. A shocking number of Miz chants going against the Daniel Bryan chants, and while I do not agree in this specific instance, I one hundred percent understand.
Running bulldog from Bryan, and Miz is now on the ground after starting the match in charge. Miz recovers, though, and is attempting a surfboard! He’s going to continue playing the role of Bryan, even against him. Daniel Bryan knows how to counter every submission, though, so he did, and now he’s got Miz in a much better surfboard.
Miz is back in control, asking Bryan “Who’s better at wrestling?” after putting him into a cravat. I want Miz to lose here, but he rules so hard.
Bryan is starting to feel it, doing his pump up thing that’s been the harbinger for so many hot minutes of ass kicking.He’s got Miz in a corner, and it’s time for those flying dropkicks until Miz falls down.
Bryan’s got Miz at the top of the turnbuckle now, and there’s a back body drop from all the way up there. It’s not enough to get Miz to go down 1-2-3, though, so Bryan will have to try something else.
Miz avoided the final YES Kick, then hopped up to DDT Bryan. Now it’s his turn to deliver YES Kicks, which are getting a split YES and NO from the crowd, and are also apparently recharging Daniel Bryan, who is now leaning into them.

The IT KICKS are having NO EFFECT on !
— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse)

He caught the last one, and now he’s slapping Miz as hard as he can right in the face. Miz might be in trouble here.
Miz tried to get Bryan into the Figure Four, but Bryan wouldn’t let him lock it in. He paid for that with a Skull-Crushing Finale, but Bryan was able to kick out at two. Miz looks like he’s wondering what it’s going to take to down Bryan.
Miz finally successfully locks in a Figure Four after Bryan’s leg takes damage on the ring post, and he’s having trouble reversing it. He’s got a new plan, though, as he slid Miz’s knee pad down and is now punching that and also Miz’s face. That did enough damage for Bryan to reverse the pressure and the move! Now it’s Miz who needs to escape the Figure Four!
Bryan’s got the Yes Lock in on Miz, who is nowhere near the ropes. He’s trying to get to them, though, and he’s bitting Bryan, but Bryan decided to start punching him in the back of the head, so, you know, Bryan won that little encounter. Miz eventually gets to the rope and breaks the hold, then rolls outside.
Maryse just handed brass knuckles to Miz while he was outside the ring, and he got a punch in with them equipped without the ref noticing. It was enough to take down Bryan, and Miz wins by CHEATING with brass knuckles, how RUDE.
Elias Concert!
I’m very excited for the Elias concert, but not excited that this is how Bobby Lashley is probably going to end up appearing at SummerSlam.
Oh no, the neck of Elias’ guitar snapped right as he was about to play us all an incredible song! I blame Bobby Lashley for sabotaging this concert somehow.

What just happened to ‘s guitar?!
— WWE SummerSlam (@SummerSlam)

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles (c) for the WWE Championship
The WWE Championship and AJ Styles are once again performing in the middle of SummerSlam, this time against Samoa Joe. Samoan Joseph is about to have his first shot at the WWE title — previously, he’s had opportunities to win the WWE Universal Championship, but not SmackDown’s primary title.
Joe vs. Styles is well-tread ground out there in the greater wrestling world, but this is the first time they’ve faced off in WWE.
This has been hard-hitting so far, which is always good for a feud where they’re trying to tell us these people loathe each other. They’re moving a bit slow, though, giving people time to breathe after the tense finish of the SmackDown Women’s Champion match and Becky’s post-match beatdown of Charlotte.
We did get this, however!

There is NO stopping THIS.
— WWE (@WWE)

The violence is slow but it is picking up!
A moonsault into a reverse-DDT into a cover… but it’s only a two count. Joe remains alive, Styles looks upset that his combo didn’t end the fight.
I appreciate that an Atomic Drop is one of the few legal shots to the groin in wrestling. In a related story, AJ Styles is wincing right now. Styles is also having some trouble lifting Joe, so he’s switching to lots of jumps and flips and, well, it just got him caught in a wicked powerslam.
Styles isn’t incapable of lifting Joe, though! He just got him in a Styles Clash… but it didn’t get him the pin. Considering how quickly he had to do that move, before even fully locking it in, that might have been the only one Styles has in him during this match.
Business has picked up in this match, and it is Good. Both Styles and Joe are on the ground, struggling to get back up, because they’re beating the shit out of each other.
Styles put Joe into a Calf Crusher, and his prize was Joe slamming his head into the mat repeatedly to break it loose.

➡️ https://t.co/ePt5TzD6sU
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps)

Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, and the only reason Styles will leave it while conscious is because he got a toe on the ropes to break the hold.
Joe just volunteered to be the daddy of AJ’s kids and wife, and uh, Styles did not like it. He tackled Joe into the barricade, grabbed a steel chair, and started beating Joe with it, getting disqualified. That’s a DQ I can get behind: one caused by righteous anger.
Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella (c) for the SmackDown Women’s Championship
Now it’s time for the SmackDown Women’s Champion triple threat, which is a triple threat because Charlotte Flair has to be involved in everything
jk ilu Charlotte, but Becky forever imo
There’s a lot of potential in this triple threat: will Carmella leverage the tension between Charlotte and Becky to retain? Will Becky overcome the odds to be the SmackDown Women’s Champion once again? Or will Charlotte turn on Becky to ensure a victory?It’s probably that last one: she’s a Flair, you know.
Carmella is mad at Charlotte for beating up Becky Lynch, because Carmella wants to beat up Becky Lynch. wyd, Carmella, let the beatings happen and hide in the corner somewhere
Oh I see, she’s trying to pit Becky and Charlotte against each other. It’s not working, though, because Carmella was too obvious about it.
Carmella goes for a pin against Charlotte after tiring of hiding in the shadows, but Charlotte kicked out with ease. Carmella is now heeling it up instead of putting more of a beating on Becky or Charlotte, and it feels like she could come to regret that!
I finished typing that sentence and Charlotte Flair started chopping Mella as hard as she could, so, yeah.
Becky from out of nowhere, and then goes to the top of the turnbuckle for a missile dropkick that hits both Carmella and Charlotte! Now she’s got Carmella isolated in the ring, and Carmella is reeling.
Charlotte is back in the ring, and she kept trying pins, but they didn’t succeed. Charlotte gets Carmella into a Boston Crab, and then converts to a Figure Four, but Becky Lynch leg drops off the top rope to break up the submission, and all three women are now laying on the floor, exhausted.

. with the breakup!
➡️ https://t.co/ePt5TzD6sU
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps)

Becky has Charlotte in the Disarmer! Carmella recovered from Charlotte flying into her off the turnbuckle, though, so no submission there, either. Pumphandle Uranage from Becky, but that pin is broken up, too. Carmella puts her feet on the ropes — the second rope! — but Becky kicked out of it, and then Charlotte breaks up the followup attempt by Becky.
Carmella gets a rope break to escape the Disarmer, but here’s another one in the middle of the ring. Charlotte uses Natural Selection on Becky to break up the submission, and then scores the pin. Charlotte is SmackDown Women’s Champion once more.
Becky and Charlotte are hugging in the middle of the ring after the match YES YES BECKY ATTACKED HER SNAP HER ARM OFF DO IT, IT’S TIME FOR BECKY TO THINK ABOUT BECKY

FRIENDS NO MORE. has HAD IT with coming up short!
— WWE (@WWE)

Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman for the Money in the Bank briefcase
Alright, let’s catch you up: Kevin Owens is tired of Braun Strowman destroying him, so he’s got himself a match at SummerSlam challenging for Braun’s Money in the Bank briefcase. You’d expect Strowman to be the easy victor here, but here’s the thing: if Strowman is disqualified for any reason, Owens wins the match and the briefcase. Strowman is going to have to be careful… and also make sure none of Owens’ friends show up to punch Kevin in the face and in the process, disqualify Braun.
Braun opens up the match by repeatedly running into Owens as hard as he can in the corner. Don’t get disqualified for kicking too much ass, Strowman!

Wait for it.
— WWE SummerSlam (@SummerSlam)

Owens finally got a kick in, and will live to regret it. He got chokeslammed onto the metal part of the apron right after. Don’t get counted out, Braun!
Oh god, Strowman won already after a running powerslam. Kevin’s plan to hope Braun got himself disqualified via ass-kicking did not work.
The New Day vs. the Bludgeon Brothers (c) for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships
It’s pancakes time! New Day is here, and it’ll be two of their members taking on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, who have shown up to the ring wearing masks with giant horns on them. Did they kill the animals whose skulls they are wearing with their hammers? Probably not, because they never use the hammers for anything cool.
It’ll be Xavier Woods and Big E for New Day here, with Kofi on the sidelines watching and cheering them on. Woods stays in for quite some time — too much time for his health, really — but finally gets a tag in to his partner Big E, and E starts laying down punishment on the Bludgeon Bros. With Harper and Rowan both being big, punishing dudes, it’s going to take a whole lot of Big E muscle for New Day to win.
Woods saves the match after Harper and Rowan perform a tag team move on Big E and look for a pin! Woods jumped in at the last second, but now he’s taking all the damage: Harper handed him to Rowan to hold in place so Harper could headbutt him repeatedly. It’s not enough for the pin, though!
Harper now has Big E out on the apron, but it’s unclear what he’s going to do. Big E escapes, and slams Harper to the outside of the ring, right into Woods. Whoops. On the bright side, Woods is now atop the turnbuckle and Harper had to roll out of the ring, so he’s doing okay.
Woods turned that into an elbow from the turnbuckle nearly to the other turnbuckle, to the outside, to elbow drop Harper outside the ring. Jesus, dude, that ruled.

— WWE (@WWE)

Ugh, Erick Rowan started using the hammer, and that’s a disqualification. The Bludgeon Brothers retain the championships even if New Day picks up the W. This is a new development, though, as the Bludgeon Brothers have rolled through everyone with little effort, and now they had to cheat in order to win. New Day will get another shot in time, and they might pick up the W and the titles that time.
Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) for the Intercontinental Championship
Remember Extreme Rules and the Iron Man Match for the Intercontinental Championship that resulted in Dolph Ziggler retaining against Seth Rollins? That happened because Drew McIntyre was there to destroy Rollins whenever his buddy needed the assist. Now, Dean Ambrose is in Rollins’ corner to help counter McIntyre, and if you’re stillwondering just how important it is that McIntyre is countered, just know he came out after Ziggler, and his music played longer, and they walked to the ring to it together.
Ziggler’s tights have the Intercontinental Championship printed on them, which is the most I’ve liked Dolph in years.

Seth’s grin at Dean immediately confronting Drew is everything.
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps)

McIntyre already tried to insert himself into the match early on, but Dean Ambrose reminded him that he exists, which got Drew to change his mind about putting his hands on Rollins. Expect a lot of that!
This is your reminder that Dean Ambrose is a lot bigger than you remembered: yeah, he’s super swole now, but just in terms of height — Drew McIntyre isn’t towering over him when they stare each other down.
I’m into Rollins Thanos-inspired wrestling gear. Here’s hoping Ziggler doesn’t feel so good by the end of this match.
Rollins has taken a few big bumps to the outside already, but he’s also recovered and is kicking Dolph Ziggler in the face when able. The pace is picking up, which is good — this has been fine, but as a match pretty late into this feud, seeing them go harder is preferred.
Oh shit! Ziggler did his huge DDT on the apron, and planted Rollins brain-first into the apron [yells from the back, “That’s the hardest part of the ring!”]. What a great visual:

. spikes Rollins!
➡️ https://t.co/ePt5TzD6sU
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps)

Seth Rollins rules, man. A reverse superplex, rolled into another slam, but only gets a two count. McIntyre attacked Ambrose on the outside, distracting Rollins, and Ziggler threw Rollins into the ringpost and then Zig Zagged him.
Seth kicks out! But he’s also bleeding from his head now. He’s not bleeding so much that he couldn’t avoid a superkick from Ziggler, though, and now we’re in a pinning sequence… that’s going to end with a buckle bomb from Rollins!
Ambrose recovers, pulls McIntyre off of the apron, and hits him with a Dirty Deeds. Rollins counters Ziggler’s superkick attempt with his own superkick — having longer legs is an advantage there — and goes for the pin. 1, 2, 3, and Seth Rollins is the Intercontinental Champion again!

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Google’s new drill sergeant: Coach takes Wear OS to new heights

Maybe it’s harsh to say that Google has been neglecting Wear OS, as many have suggested. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Google is rumored to be working on a new, comprehensive fitness coach wearable and the quality of Wear OS apps is about to come under close scrutiny. I can’t help but feel that Google is keen to look after Wear OS after all.

First things first, I was happy to hear the news that Google wants to pay closer attention to Wear OS. High-quality apps are an important part of the platform, especially ones that, in the words of Apple boss Tim Cook, stand for the most personal item we carry around. He was talking about the Apple Watch, of course, but the same applies to Wear OS.
But, killer apps aren’t enough for me. Wear OS has a hardware problem. The watches are too bulky, too thick and too slow. In fact, they are hardly usable in a practical way. You can see the time (woo-hoo). A few notifications (yikes), and what else…?
Is that all about to change? According to AndroidPolice, Google is now working on a large-scale fitness project called Google Coach. The new wearable will become your own personal drill sergeant, recognizing all sorts of sports activities. Coach will record when and where you do any kind of physical or sporting activity, and make suggestions if you’ve missed a workout!
On the one hand, I wish Google Coach the best of luck in creating meaning suggestions for me (No fast food for me today 🤯), but on the other hand, I think that a new fitness tracker might be able to rescue Wear OS from its current state.

Wear OS could soon become your fitness coach. / © AndroidPIT

Fitness features are the future of all wearables
Which features are really important for smartwatches these days? Different people want different things from their tech, of course. For some, receiving notifications or having media player options are important, but for a lot of people, it’s all about fitness functionality. That’s where Google and the coach come in. Google has taken a long, hard look at what Apple does here, and how fitness and health features grow with each new WatchOS release.
Wear OS could be moving in the right direction, then. Google has been saying for some time that Wear OS watches are also intended for iPhone users. Superior fitness features would go a long way to making that a reality.
Only hardware can save Wear OS from extinction
There is still one major piece of the puzzle missing: good hardware. I can barely find a smartwatch that is going to sit lower than an inch off my wrist. When it comes to smartphones, manufacturers are fighting to create the thinnest models. I don’t see the same kind of competition when it comes to smartwatches – and that’s a shame!
What really stings, though, is that Qualcomm seems to be unveiling a new generation of watch SoCs, but only after IFA. That means that all smartwatch innovations running Wear OS we’re likely to see at IFA are probably based on the old hardware that has already proved itself to be insufficient for smartwatches today.
What’s more, Google will probably announce its own Pixel Watch in the autumn alongside the new Pixel phones, hopefully packing one of those new Qualcomm chips and an ambitious design. Google needs to show the other manufacturers how to do smartwatches correctly with this Wear OS.
What do you think Wear OS needs in order to get back on the road to success? Will you obey orders from Google Coach? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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It’s Friday so relax and watch a hard drive defrag forever on Twitch – TechCrunch

It’s been a while since I defragged — years, probably, because these days for a number of reasons computers don’t really need to. But perhaps it is we who need to defrag. And what better way to defrag your brain after a long week than by watching the strangely satisfying defragmentation process taking place on a simulated DOS machine, complete with fan and HDD noise?
That’s what you can do with this Twitch stream, which has defrag.exe running 24/7 for your enjoyment.
I didn’t realize how much I missed the sights and sounds of this particular process. I’ve always found ASCII visuals soothing, and there was something satisfying about watching all those little blocks get moved around to form a uniform whole. What were they doing down there on the lower right hand side of the hard drive anyway? That’s what I’d like to know.
Afterwards I’d launch a state of the art game like Quake 2 just to convince myself it was loading faster.
There’s also that nice purring noise that a hard drive would make (and which is recreated here). At least, I thought of it as purring. For the drive, it’s probably like being waterboarded. But I did always enjoy having the program running while keeping everything else quiet, perhaps as I was going to bed, so I could listen to its little clicks and whirrs. Sometimes it would hit a particularly snarled sector and really go to town, grinding like crazy. That’s how you knew it was working.

The typo is, no doubt, deliberate.

The whole thing is simulated, of course. There isn’t really just an endless pile of hard drives waiting to be defragged on decades-old hardware for our enjoyment (except in my box of old computer things). But the simulation is wonderfully complete, although if you think about it you probably never used DOS on a 16:9 monitor, and probably not at 1080p. It’s okay. We can sacrifice authenticity so we don’t have to windowbox it.
The defragging will never stop at TwitchDefrags, and that’s comforting to me. It means I don’t have to build a 98SE rig and spend forever copying things around so I have a nicely fragmented volume. Honestly they should include this sound on those little white noise machines. For me this is definitely better than whale noises.

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Sony a6300 review | Expert Reviews

The a6300 is Sony’s latest and greatest compact system camera (CSC), and an update to the Sony a6000. Back in 2014 I wrote that the a6000 “hits a home run for quality, performance, features and price”, so the a6300 has big boots to fill.
There are quite a few similarities. They both use a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor – the same size that’s found in consumer SLRs – and they’re virtually identical to look at, too, with a slim, rangefinder-style design that’s common to all Sony CSCs. There’s just enough room for an electronic viewfinder, flash hotshoe, integrated flash, mode dial and command dial along the top plate.
Power, shutter release and a custom button are mounted on top of the handgrip, which is big enough for a secure fit in the hand. The rear is home to a tilting 3in screen, a wheel and a small collection of buttons. All of this matches the a6000, but with two years of development and a price that’s around £400 more than the a6000 cost at launch, the a6300 needs to do a lot more to justify its existence.

The big news is an upgraded autofocus system with 425 phase-detect points on the main imaging sensor. It’s hard to quantify the performance of an autofocus system in absolute terms as there are so many variables, but on balance I’d say this is as good as I’ve seen from a CSC.
Subject tracking was extremely responsive, and the 9fps burst mode with continuous autofocus produced a decent proportion of pixel-sharp shots when shooting moving subjects. Best of all, this 9fps mode includes a live view stream with minimal blackout for each frame. The experience was much closer to shooting with a professional-grade SLR than most CSCs manage.
There’s a decent-sized buffer, allowing 48 JPEGs or 23 RAW frames to be captured before continuous shooting slowed down. Shooting in the single drive mode wasn’t so impressive, averaging 0.7 seconds between shots.
This sensor has a higher maximum ISO speed, up from the a6000’s 25600 to 51200. This is only useful if the sensor has the noise performance to back it up, but in this instance the a6300 delivers the goods. JPEGs at ISO 1600 and above exhibited cleaner, sharper fine details than the a6000, particularly in subtle textures such as hair and skin. In fact, the a6300 wasn’t far behind the full frame Sony a7R II for noise levels, although the a7R II established a clear lead at ISO 12800 and above.

The other significant advance is the introduction of 4K video. It may be a while before we’re all using 4K TVs, but it makes sense to shoot at this resolution now. Footage will stand the test of time better, and 4K footage invariably looks sharper than 1080p even when scaled down to fit a 1080p screen.
The a6300’s 4K footage looked excellent, with precise details and little evidence of noise at ISO 3200. 4K videos also had a pleasingly neutral colour palette that’s a good starting point for colour grading in editing software. Autofocus was decisive, too, thanks no doubt in part to the phase-detect autofocus points.

However, the lack of a touchscreen is a baffling omission. It’s an extremely useful feature for moving the autofocus point when taking photos, and the only practical way to do so while recording videos. Some videographers will prefer to focus manually, but it seems daft not to allow touchscreen-controlled autofocus as an option.
The 3in LCD screen has a widescreen aspect ratio that suits video better than photo capture. However, as with other recent Sony CSCs, it was too dim to use outdoors. A Sunny Weather setting significantly boosted the screen’s brightness to help resolve the problem, but for some reason this Sunny Weather setting is bypassed when recording 4K video. Perhaps colour accuracy is better without it, but that’s little comfort if you can barely see the picture at all when shooting outside.
A microphone socket is included —  a feature that was noticeably absent from the a6000 — but it’s not a huge amount of use as there’s no headphone socket for monitoring. It’s also frustrating that memory cards must be reformatted in order to switch between NTSC and PAL frame rates. Admittedly, it’s not a setting that gets changed often, but it’d be pretty annoying to have to choose between shooting at the wrong frame rate or deleting all your existing photos and videos.

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Samsung Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Comparing Samsung’s flagships

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best Android smartphones on the market today. In fact, its only real rival so far has been its own big brother, the Galaxy S9 Plus. Now, however, there’s another challenger for the Android crown – and once again it’s from within the Samsung stable.
The outsized Galaxy Note 9 looks quite distinct from the Galaxy S9, but both phones run Android 8.1, and offer many of the same features, including Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. Once the Note 9 hits the shops later this month, you might find yourself torn between the two.
READ NEXT: Best Android phones
Fear not: we’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to, pitting the devices head to head to help you make an informed decision. Here’s our in-depth comparison of the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, along with all the key information about their prices and availability.
Samsung Note 9 vs Galaxy S9: Price and release date

The Galaxy S9 has been available to buy since March, while the Note 9 – unveiled at Samsung’s annual “Unpacked” conference in New York on 9 August – isn’t yet on sale. You can preorder it now, however, ahead of the 24 August release date.
As for pricing, the Galaxy S9 will officially set you back £739 for the 64GB version, from retailers including O2 and Three. However, you can find a SIM-free handset on Amazon for as little as £526.
The Note 9 is a bit pricier. For the 128GB version – which is the cheapest option – you’re looking at £899, while the 512GB model costs a whopping £1,099. To offset the cost, you can trade in your old phone for a discount of up to £300 for the Galaxy S9, or up to £400 for the Note 9.
Samsung Note 9 vs Galaxy S9: Design

The Galaxy S9 looks a lot like last year’s Galaxy S8, but it brings a few design tweaks, including shaved bezels and an even larger screen-to-body ratio. It’s one of the most eye-catching and stylish phones around.
As with the S8, the display is an 18:9 panel measuring 5.8in across the diagonal, with a Quad HD+ (2,960 x 1,440) resolution – representing an ultra-sharp pixel density of 570ppi. It uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology, so it looks great too.
The Galaxy Note 9 also looks similar to its predecessor, although again it has slimmer bezels and screen edges than the Note 8. Here, the edge-to-edge Super AMOLED panel measures 6.4in, but it has the same resolution as the Galaxy S9. That means a slightly lower pixel density of 516ppi, but the difference won’t be visible to the naked eye.
One obvious difference between the Galaxy S9 and the Note 9 is size. The S9 measures 148 x 69mm, with a thickness of 8.5mm and a weight of 163g; the Note 9 measures a rather larger 162 x 76 x 9mm, and weighs a more substantial 201g. That larger chassis does however accommodate a handy slot for the included S Pen stylus, which you can use to handwrite notes and draw on the screen – something the Galaxy S9 lacks.
Both devices are available in three colour schemes, but the selections are subtly different. The S9 can be had in midnight black, lilac purple and coral blue, while the Note 9 is offered in midnight black, lavender purple and ocean blue – with the latter version including a striking yellow stylus.
Samsung Note 9 vs Galaxy S9: Specifications

The Galaxy S9 and Note 9 have basically the same internals: US models get a Snapdragon 845, while over here we get Samsung’s superfast eight-core Exynos 9810 processor, clocked at 2.9GHz.
Storage options, however, are quite different. The Galaxy S9 comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB versions, while the Note 9 starts at 128GB and goes up to a whopping 512GB. Still, if you need more space on the Galaxy S9, you can always add a microSD card – capacities up to 512GB are supported.
The cameras are different too. The Galaxy S9 has a similar setup to the S8, with a single 12-megapixel camera at the rear and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. The key upgrade over its predecessor is the much wider f/1.5 aperture on the rear.
The Note 9, meanwhile, features a dual-lens rear camera like the Note 8. One lens is the same as the S9’s, with an aperture that automatically switches between f/1.5 and f/2.4 according to lighting conditions. The other is a f/2.4 telephoto lens with optical zoom. A neat new touch with the Note 9 is that you can use the S Pen as a remote shutter, so you can trigger the camera from afar. At the front, meanwhile, you get the same 8-megapixel camera as found on the Galaxy S9.
A final difference is battery size: the Galaxy S9 has a 3,000mAh battery, while the Note 9 gets a 4,000mAh unit. You can thus expect the Note 9 to last longer on a charge, although the larger screen will eat up some of that extra power.

Finally, both phones come with Gorilla Glass 5 front and back, a 3.5mm audio jack, an iris scanner and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.
Samsung Note 9 vs Galaxy S9: Verdict
The main appeal of the Galaxy Note has always been its huge screen and S Pen stylus, but the latest iteration scores over the Galaxy S9 in a few other ways too – namely a larger battery, a more versatile rear camera and more generous storage space options.
All that comes at a price, however. At launch, the cheapest Note 9 model will set you back £363 more than a Galaxy S9 (assuming you shop around for the latter).
Remember too that the big screen makes the Note 9 more unwieldy: it’s larger than the Galaxy S9 by 14 x 8mm, and 38g heavier. It won’t exactly weigh you down, but if you like your phone to be light and pocketable, those aren’t plus points.
For those reasons, the Galaxy S9 is likely to be a better bet for most people’s everyday smartphone needs: you get stunning design, and performance that’s as good as the Note 9, in a more compact and much cheaper package.
If you’re looking for the biggest, most luxuriously appointed handset on the market, however, the Note 9 is the one to go for – and it has enough advantages to sweeten, if not entirely justify, the extra cost.

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Where to Find the Week 6 Hidden Battle Star – Game Rant

Week 6 of Fortnite‘s Season 5 is well underway, and people are now managing to complete all of its challenges. Like past weeks, completing all of the Week 6 challenges will not only help players make serious progress on their Battle Pass, but it will also unlock a special Road Trip loading screen that offers a clue as to where to find a hidden battle star.

The Season 5 Week 6 loading screen in Fortnite depicts various characters from the game hanging out at a drive-in movie theater. This should tip players off that the battle star can be found at the drive-in theater that’s actually located in-game, which can be found at Risky Reels.
Upon arriving at Risky Reels, simply check the bed of the red truck that’s parked directly in front of the screen. This is actually one of the easiest hidden battle stars to find, as it’s in a pretty well-known location in the game. Of course, before players can even think about collecting it, they will have to complete all the challenges from the the first six weeks of Season 5 first.

Anyone still having trouble finding the battle star should check out this video guide put together by YouTuber Tabor Hill:

Going to and collecting the hidden battle star for Season 5 Week 6 of Fortnite isn’t too hard, but unlocking the ability to collect it at all is what players may have trouble with. After all, they will have to complete every challenge for all previous weeks if they want access to it, and that’s no easy feat, even for skilled players.

Some of the tougher challenges include getting sniper rifle kills and dealing sniper damage, if only due to the general rarity of sniper rifles compared to other weapons in the game. Luckily, the Sniper Shootout limited-time mode is live in Fortnite again, and should make completing the sniper-related challenges much easier.

Players may also have difficulty completing the timed trials, especially with misinformation that the trials take place at the racetrack to the northeast of Paradise Palms. The timed trials are actually building challenges that require players to collect a certain number of clocks within a time limit, while also having to worry about incoming enemy fire and running out of building materials before the time limit expires.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Federer vs. Djokovic, Halep vs. Bertens set for Cincy Masters finals

The finals for the Western & Southern Open will take place on Sunday. Roger Federer will take on Novak Djokovic on the men’s side. Kiki Bertens and Simona Halep are battling for the women’s crown.
The finals at the Cincinnati Masters (the Western & Southern Open this year) are set, with Roger Federer up against Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep against Kiki Bertens in the men’s and women’s singles draws, respectively.
The Cincinnati Masters is the last big tournament before the final Grand Slam of the year, the US Open. The finals will be taking place on Sunday.
Federer won his semifinal over David Goffin, besting him in straight sets when the latter has to retire in the second set. Federer had taken a first-set via tiebreak and officially won, 7-6, 1-1. Djokovic needed three sets but bested the tough Marin Cilic, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3, to advance from his semifinals matchup.
The unseeded Bertens needed three sets, but ultimately bested No. 8 Petra Kvitova, 3-6, 6-4, 6-2, in her semifinal matchup. Kvitova, notably, eliminated Serena Williams in the second round of the tournament. Halep took on the very tough Aryna Sabalenka in her semifinal match, winning in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4.
Bertens’ run through the tournament has been incredible, felling Coco Vandeweghe in the first round before beating Caroline Wozniacki, Anett Kontaveit, Elina Svitolina and then Kvitova to reach the final.
Sabalenka had a very impressive run to the semifinals, beating all of Johanna Konta, Karolina Pliskova, Caroline Garcia and Madison Keys en route to Halep. Halep, on the other hand, bested Ajla Tomljanovic, Ashleigh Barty and Lesia Tsurenko before facing Sabalenka as the top seed.
Djokovic’s run through Cincy includes wins over Steve Johnson, Adrian Mannarino, Grigor Dimitrov, MIlos Raonic and then Cilic to reach the final. All of those matches, save for the opener vs. Johnson, were three-set matches, so it will be interesting to see if Djokovic is tired at all when the US Open gets underway in New York. Especially after facing Federer.
Federer took down Peter Gojowczyk, Leonardo Mayer, Stan Wawrinka and Goffin on his way to facing Djokovic.
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Lionel Messi double powers Barcelona to victory over Alavés in opener | Football

Barcelona began the new campaign with a 3-0 win over Alavés with the help of an under-the-wall free-kick from Lionel Messi, who scored twice, and a curling shot from the substitute Philippe Coutinho.
The champions had dominated the late kick-off at a quiet Camp Nou but struggled to convert chances against a shrewd Alavés, who are the last team to win a league game at the Catalans’ home, beating them 2-1 in 2016.

Messi had clanged the crossbar in the first half from a set piece and Ousmane Dembélé forced the visiting goalkeeper, Pacheco, to make an impressive save while Luis Suárez looked ineffective.
Messi, the new Barcelona captain, finally broke the deadlock in the 64th minute with his enterprising free-kick, which recalled a similar strike against Celta Vigo last season and brought the stadium to its feet.
Record signing Coutinho’s curler sealed the three points but Messi, the top scorer in La Liga last season with 34 goals, had the final say with a simple left-foot finish at the near post which proved to be the final kick of the game.
Barcelona join Levante and Real Sociedad on three points. Real Madrid host Getafe on Sunday and Atlético Madrid visit Valencia on Monday.

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The big winners and losers this week in the NFL preseason

Patrick Mahomes launched a nice touchdown pass, and Josh Allen just might end up as the Bills’ Week 1 starter.
The second week of the preseason is a little bit of a comedown from the euphoria of “welcome back, football!” the week before. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things get excited about, though.
This year, the matchups are pretty dang good for a random preseason week. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers made their 2018 debuts Thursday night and — shocker of all shockers — they looked like two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.
Friday was Brownsbills Day — and this time, the game was worth watching, mostly because of the two rookie quarterbacks (Baker Mayfield vs. Josh Allen). The Bills edged the Browns 19-17, ending Cleveland’s five-game preseason winning streak.

We’re keeping track of the big winners and losers over the weekend, up through the Week 2 finale Monday night. Be sure to check back as we update our list.
Winner: This Patrick Mahomes 69-yard touchdown
Forget the nice part of this touchdown. Because holy crap, look how NIIIIIICE this touchdown is:

Mahomes ➡️ Hill
— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs)

Now you understand why a few weeks ago, Tyreek Hill said, “Pat (Mahomes) is the first guy that I have played with that has the arm strength.”
Mahomes, who made a brief appearance last week in the Chiefs’ preseason opener, played the entire first half Friday night against the Falcons. He had an uneven night — he completed 8 of 12 passes, but also threw a pick and nearly a second one.
Yet all it took was that 69-yard touchdown strike with 17 seconds left until halftime to show the world what kind of magic Mahomes can bring. And that’s gotta feel nice for Chiefs fans. — Sarah Hardy
Winner: The Falcons’ offense showed some life
Last year, the Falcons’ offense regressed coming off of a record-setting season in 2016 under first year offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Last week looked like much of the same as Atlanta’s starting offense struggled with penalties and went three-and-out against the Jets.
This week against the Chiefs, their starting offense was locked in. Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman didn’t play, but that didn’t stop them from driving right down the field for a touchdown on their first drive.

Austin Hooper
— Ben Baldwin (@benbbaldwin)

Matt Ryan played well, Tevin Coleman ripped off a couple big runs, and Calvin Ridley showed off the explosive skills that made him a first-round pick in the NFL Draft.

Calvin Ridley angles out then cuts in to create separation for a long gain. Sizzling.
— Josh Norris (@JoshNorris)

It’s early, but if the Falcons’ offense can improve upon their numbers from last year, they’ll make an already tough NFC even tougher. — Charles McDonald
Winner: Josh Allen’s chances of starting in Week 1
Allen was called into duty earlier than expected after AJ McCarron went down with what was later revealed to be a broken collarbone. Allen had a fairly good debut last week, other than a lol-worthy blunder. But he didn’t necessarily outplay Nathan Peterman or McCarron, either.
Against the Browns, Allen helped his case to be the Week 1 starter. His stats don’t really jump off the page — he went 9 of 13 for 60 yards and a touchdown — but he led his team down the field for a score in all three of his series, looking confident out there and playing smart:

Give me an IV of this.
On this play Josh Allen:
-Stands tall in the pocket-Keeps his eyes up with pressure around him-Accurate on an off balance throw
— Dan Fetes (@danfetes)

With McCarron out indefinitely, the QB battle is now between Peterman and Allen. That’s a race Allen could win with another strong performance next week. — Sarah Hardy
Loser: Tyrod Taylor’s revenge
The Bills never really embraced Taylor, described by expert QB evaluator Jalen Ramsey as “a better quarterback than he gets credit for.” In March, they thanked him for helping them end their nearly two-decade playoff drought by trading him to the NFL’s QB wasteland, the Browns.
Taylor said that he was motivated to play against his former team Friday, but if you were hoping he’d go all Kill Bill on the Bills, you were left disappointed. Taylor completed just 4 of 7 passes for 22 yards.
At least Taylor gave us the second-best NFL story of the week (first, obviously, being Ramsey’s glorious trash-talking): Is his name pronounced TIE-rod or TUH-rod?! — Sarah Hardy
Loser: The OL play in Giants-Lions

The last few years, the Giants have had major offensive line problems. At the end of last season, new general manager Dave Gettleman promised he’d bring in some “hog mollies” to help remedy the situation — and he delivered in free agency (Nate Solder) and the draft (Will Hernandez).
The good news on Friday night is that the Giants didn’t give up a sack. Eli Manning’s backups all faced a good amount of pressure, though.

Good luck Eli… Lions hardly elite on the DL
— Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz)

With Saquon Barkley resting his sore hamstring, the Giants’ rushing game only averaged 3.7 yards per carry …
… which was still better than the 3 yards the Lions averaged. Plus, Matthew Stafford, who played just three series, was sacked twice — and that was with most of the first unit out there. And let’s just say that the less said about the backups, the better. — Sarah Hardy
Winner: The Patriots’ Super Bowl do-over
OK, so the Patriots’ preseason win over the Eagles definitely doesn’t make up for their Super Bowl loss in February. But after six months of people basking in the glow of New England being a five-time Super Bowl loser, it had to feel good for the Patriots to get a small measure of revenge — especially since they looked so great doing it.
In a lot of ways, the Pats’ 37-20 blowout win was what many fans expected out of that winter night in Minnesota. Brady was efficient and hardly faced any pressure (perhaps more importantly, the Patriots didn’t try to turn him into a receiver on any plays). James White found every hole as a receiver and runner, gaining 91 yards on just 10 touches. The New England defense had some fight, allowing just seven points in the first half and harassing the Philly quarterbacks to the tune of eight sacks.
The Eagles were sloppy and sometimes undisciplined: they turned the ball over twice and totaled nine penalties. Nick Foles, who missed last week due to muscle spasms, was easily rattled and kept missing his receivers — and that was before he left the game with a shoulder strain.
But nothing changes the past. The Eagles are still the reigning champs and Foles is still a Super Bowl MVP (and Carson Wentz’s backup).
And right now, what matters is the future. For the Patriots, that looks like nothing but sunshine, as usual. They had some kinks to work out; earlier this week, Brady seemed frustrated with himself and with his receivers. But they were on the same page Thursday night and that bodes well for the regular season:

Tom Brady’s targets in preseason debut –
James White: 6-of-6, 61 yards, TDChris Hogan: 5-of-7, 25 yards, TDJulian Edelman: 4-of-5, 26 yardsPhillip Dorsett: 1-of-3, four yardsWill Tye: 1-of-2, 11 yardsCord Patterson: 1-of-2, 23 yardsJacob Hollister: 1-of-1, 22 yards
— Oliver Thomas (@OliverBThomas)

Despite the forgettable night, the Eagles should be fine, too. If nothing else, no one can ever take that Super Bowl 52 win away. — Sarah Hardy
Loser: Mason Rudolph’s first start
After a solid outing last week in the second half of his first preseason game, the Steelers’ backup had a rougher go of it against the Packers defense. The first throw of the game was a pick-six by Rudolph. Packers corner Tramon Williams jumped the route and ran it back 25 yards for a score.
He redeemed himself two drives later, finding JuJu Smith-Schuster for a 4-yard touchdown, after the Steelers got the ball back because of a Packers fumble. Rudolph finished the night 5-for-12 with 47 yards, a touchdown and an interception.
It wasn’t an awful performance, but it wasn’t exactly the kind of outing that inspires much confidence in the rookie’s readiness to be the No. 2 QB in Pittsburgh. — Ryan Van Bibber
Winner: The Joshua Dobbs and James Washington duo
The Steelers’ other backup quarterback had a better game. His two touchdowns came against the bottom of the Packers roster, but a good effort is a good effort.
Dobbs’ first pass was a pick six too, but he had a nice evening after that. Regardless of the level of competition he was playing against, what stood out most was that he had the offense humming along. He and rookie receiver James Washington had a mind meld going:

Contested catch TD by James Washington
— Josh Norris (@JoshNorris)

Washington made tough catches and caught the deep throws, finishing with 114 yards on five catches. — Ryan Van Bibber
Winner: Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy Graham

Get used to hearing that. The two scored an easy red zone touchdown from 8 yards out to cap off Green Bay’s first drive of the game.
That’s a big reason the Packers, normally tight-fisted in free agency, went out and signed Graham to a three-year, $30 million contract. Green Bay’s tight ends caught a grand total of two touchdowns last season. — Ryan Van Bibber
Winner: Look at James Conner run!
Conner’s touchdown in the first quarter wasn’t necessarily the kind of thing that really puts a preseason game on anyone’s radar. But he did manage to rush for 57 yards on just five carries, and when you put that next to his 4.5 yards per carry last season, his rookie year, it’s a good sign.
Bigger than that, Conner’s a great person to root for. He beat cancer during his college career at Pitt, and got picked with the 105th selection in the 2017 draft by the hometown team. — Ryan Van Bibber

— NFL (@NFL)

Loser-ish: Sam Darnold hype
Darnold’s stats against Washington didn’t really jump off the page, but he didn’t do anything to derail his chances of winning the starting job, either. An interception in the second quarter damaged his QB rating, but it wasn’t exactly the kind of pick that’s going to give Jets fans Mark Sanchez flashbacks. It was just a tipped pass on fourth-and-1 that he probably shouldn’t have thrown.
He finished the first half 8-for-11 with 62 yards, a pick and 5.6 yards per attempt. He was 6-for-6 in the shotgun, with 42 yards, but just 2-for-5 under center.
Darnold’s place on the roster is not in doubt, but he will need a good outing next week to get the hype train back on track and maybe have a chance to start in Week 1. — Ryan Van Bibber
Winner: Teddy Bridgewater and the Jets
The Darnold hype train took a sidetrack while the Teddy Train was full speed ahead.
He was 8-for-12 with a touchdown, but on his 13th pass, he forced a throw to the sideline that wasn’t well placed. Interception. Cold water.
For all the talk about trading him, maybe that’s not a wise move for the Jets. It’s not like this is a team known for its stellar quarterback play in recent decades. He’s clearly the best quarterback on the roster right now. — Ryan Van Bibber
Winner: Chad Kelly has the Broncos backup QB job on lock
I suppose we could do this section as a Paxton Lynch loser one, but let’s think positively here. Maybe it would be a negative situation if picking between Kelly and Lynch was deciding who was less terrible, but things have been easy for the Broncos because Kelly actually looks fantastic.

Chad Kelly’s first two preseason games:
— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala)

He isn’t 6’7 like Lynch, but Kelly can sling it with some power and he was firing away against the Bears defense Saturday night. His touchdown pass to Courtland Sutton had about as much mustard on it as you’ll ever see.

What a LASER from to !
— NFL (@NFL)

It’d be a surprise if Lynch stuck on the Broncos’ roster much longer. — Adam Stites
Loser: The injury bug
Injuries never belong in the “winners” column, but they’re double losers in meaningless preseason games.
Here’s a quick rundown of some notable injuries so far this week:
Eagles: backup QB Nick Foles (shoulder)Patriots: rookie OT Isaiah Wynn (ankle)Washington: RBs Samaje Perine (ankle) and Byron Marshall (leg), for the same team that lost rookie Derrius Guice to an ACL tear last weekPackers: , guard Justin McCray (leg), and WR Jake Kumerow (shoulder)Bills: QB AJ McCarron (collarbone), DT Kyle Williams (knee)Texans: CB Kevin Johnson (shoulder)Cowboys: OL Zack Martin (knee)
Most of those injuries don’t appear to be serious — Foles should be fine, and the early word was positive for Perine, Marshall, Williams, McCray, and Kumerow. But the news was much worse for Wynn:

Patriots’ first-round pick, OT Isaiah Wynn, tore his Achilles vs. the Eagles and he will be out for the season, per source. The worst of the preseason on display.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

And for McCarron:

QB AJ McCarron suffered a hairline fracture of the collarbone in the first quarter of tonight’s preseason game vs. , The Buffalo News has learned.
— Vic Carucci (@viccarucci)

Every preseason injury deserves a big “booooooooo,” especially the ones that jeopardize a player’s season before it even really begins. — Sarah Hardy
Loser: New rules
It remains to be seen if officials are being extra strict about new rules because it’s preseason, or if the regular season will be called the same way. But the crew of referee Shawn Hochuli gave the blueprint for a nightmare application of these rules during the Jaguars’ 14-10 win against the Vikings.
Maybe the most egregious was a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty on Vikings linebacker Antwione Williams for a sack of Jaguars quarterback Cody Kessler.

This is an extremely bad roughing the passer call. The QBs body movements after he got hit made it seem like the defender pile drives him. He didn’t. Not close
— Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz)

The penalty was thrown because the officials determined Williams dropped his body weight on to the quarterback — a ruling the league has determined will be an emphasis in 2018.
If that was the worst penalty of the game, the personal foul on the Jaguars’ A.J. Bouye was a close second. The cornerback was called for lowering his helmet to initiate contact as he was run over while attempting to make a tackle.

What is the defensive back supposed to do??
— Michael Robinson (@RealMikeRob)

The pair of flags were two of 20 penalties that were accepted Saturday in the Jaguars-Vikings game, which racked up 200 yards’ worth of combined penalties. If this is what the regular season ends up looking like … uh … yikes. — Adam Stites

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