Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

As a nice surprise for any hardcore Pokemon fans looking forward to the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on November 17th, Pokemon GO players can now dress their avatar with new items from the Alola region. Better yet, these new Pokemon GO avatar items are available completely free of charge.

Pokemon GO fans that boot up the game will be greeted by a message from Niantic announcing the new threads. Both the male and female versions of the Pokemon GO avatar have unique sets of clothes they can equip, though their tropical theme may look a bit odd in the coming winter months.
Regardless, fans aren’t likely to complain about the addition of some free cosmetic items, especially those based on the upcoming Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. After all, some fans had expressed disappointment that Pokemon GO seemed to be ignoring the launch of the two games, and while some may have preferred a special event, these free clothes are better than nothing.

Celebrate the upcoming launch by wearing the new Alola region avatar items!

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp)

What’s interesting is that these new Alola region avatar items aren’t even the first cosmetics from the Sun and Moon games that have been added to Pokemon GO. Last month, Niantic added a free Mimikyu hat to the game as part of its Halloween 2017 event, so players can give their avatars a decidedly Alolan flavor if they so desire.

Despite Pokemon GO featuring numerous cosmetic items based on the Sun and Moon generation, it doesn’t appear as though Alola region Pokemon will be coming to the game any time soon. After all, Pokemon GO still has yet to introduce the vast majority of third generation Pokemon to the game, and since the Alola region wasn’t introduced until Gen 7, chances are good that it will be years before they’re added.

While the wait for Alola region Pokemon in Pokemon GO may be a long one, at least Niantic has gifted fans with Sun and Moon cosmetic items to help tide them over.
Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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