Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Plus-sized excellence

In 2016 we were singing the praises of the fantastic, larger-than-life Galaxy Note 7. We awarded it top honours and, were it not for the small matter of a worldwide recall – following the emergence of a potentially dangerous battery flaw – we’d probably still be recommending it now. The good news for phablet fans is that its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is on sale. You can bet that Samsung has fixed the battery problem, but that’s not the only thing that’s been upgraded.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Design
The first change is obvious as soon as you look at it: the Note 8 introduces a bezel-less design cribbed from the Galaxy S8. The screen is slightly larger at 6.3in across and it dominates the entire front of the handset with only the slimmest of strips at the top and the bottom of the screen to get in the way of your viewing pleasure.
It’s available in four colours, which Samsung has given rather silly names to as usual – there’s “Midnight Black, Orchid Grey, Deep Sea Blue, and Maple Gold – and, as usual, it employs Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology for incredibly deep black level response and incredibly vibrant colours. At this scale, it looks amazing, with a 1,440 x 2,960 WQHD+ resolution that equates to an impeccably sharp 522ppi.

It’s a decent addition to the camera on the Galaxy S8 and the telephoto camera is a corker, producing shots that are both detailed and free from artefacts or noise. It isn’t quite as good in low light as the main f/1.7 snapper, producing slightly grainier pictures, but it’s a lot better than the OnePlus 5’s telephoto shooter which produces more mottled, noisier snaps in marginal light.
The quality of the wide-angle camera is the same as with the regular S8 and S8 Plus, which is to say it’s still absolutely superb in all lighting conditions and only a smidge behind the Google Pixel.
I’m a huge fan of the Note 8’s video camera, too. It can, of course, capture in up to 4K resolution, but it’s the smoothness of the electronic stabilisation (EIS) that wert_main_wide_image/public/2017/09/cpu1.png?itok=XR0SLuHu” alt=””/>

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Verdict
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a simply excellent smartphone, but then we expected no less. Samsung has taken the best plus-sized smartphone ever and made it even better with a slightly bigger display, a superb dual camera that sets a new standard for smartphones and an even better stylus implementation.
The battery life is slightly disappointing, though, but fattest fly in the ointment is the price. At £869 inc VAT SIM free you’ll not get much change from £50 per month if you’re looking at purchasing on contract. That, to my mind, is far too much for a phone, even one as good as this and, even you wait a month or two for the price to fall, it’s probably still going to be ludicrously expensive. [Update: Samsung is now selling the Note 8 SIM-free for £799, and at the time of writing it is only £569.90 on Amazon).
Good as it is, then, the Note 8 is a phone only for those who don’t care about the price and want the very best. For everyone else, there’s the 5.7in Samsung Galaxy S8 which is very, very nearly as good and substantially cheaper.

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